Stuff I Want But Don't Need — grab bag

* Clickjacking. Pretty ugly form of attack.
* Self-powered wireless light switches. Pretty cool, instead of running line voltage to every lightswitch, they harness ambient power and send wireless signals to outlets. Now if you just combine this with…
* …Dirt-powered lamps! Or bacteria powered lamps. Way cool
* Rich’s guide to your basic canon lens set, if you are willing to spend $4-5K on lenses
* Charging station designs to hide cables. Hate dangling cables.
* Combo phone/keyfob. Damn I wish this problem would get solved for real.
* Probably too little too late, but a nice home phone base station with web/wifi functionality.

Home media server

Now that I have a PS3 I want to serve up photos etc to it. Trying to decide between all the choices out there:

* Google’s new media server
* Free Media Player Streams iTunes, Syncs Content, Converts Video for iPod, PSP and Xbox 360 – SimpleCenter
* WMP 11 of course
* One man’s guide to all the choices out there
* Eyeconnect seems to be liked on the Mac
* or Mediatomb

I have a TON of photos and I need something that will perform well, not clear which of these is the way to go. Time to start experimenting I gues

Stuff I Want But Don't Need — Outdoors Edition

* Coghlan’s – Product Display — mini lantern and clipon headlamp. I’d actually use the headlamp
* Easyroaster. Cool but I don’t really like hotdogs or smores.
* Yaktrax traction control. I rarely try to hike on snow.
* Mini Tissues. Just because I like the rehydration aspect.
* Lightweight drybags. Maybe I should just pay Brett to outfit me.
* Carbon fiber tripods. These claim to be lightweight but is this really the lightest possible?