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Ignition blog roundup

OK well mostly Rich highlights. * Tong Family Blog: iPod Backup — Rich points to a summary of ipod backup tools. L this is what you need. * Brett on field water purification. We just had an instance of giardia […]

More Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Bell & Ross BR 01 Phantom — beautiful sparse design. Not sure I could ever justify 4-5K for such sparseness tho. * The Teslaphonic Organ — I pretty much love anything involving a Tesla coil. * Burning Rocks. They […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need — July 5

* Cementex Tool Kits.pdf (application/pdf Object) — very nice, pretty expensive * Looks like a jetski/golfcart combo – the golf cruiser — would Tiger ride one of these? * I would have loved this rug as a kid — if […]


Vinyl Lettering, Custom Signs, Vinyl Banners and Vinyl Decals at SpeedySigns.com — I love these guys — aluminum signs made in any size you need with any kind of message or graphic. I’ve used them several times now and been […]

Soaring Eagle Park

My close-in park of choice for quick hikes is Cougar Mountain, but Soaring Eagle looks like an interesting choice too. Thanks to Steve for the tip. And thanks also to King County for their killer online trail maps and info

Outdoors recos

* Martin on camping close to Seattle * Top 10 waterproof tech items.  Really for divers but in our wet conditions, some good things in here to keep cameras and ipods dry * Tips for ultralight backpacking.  Now if someone […]

Keeping up with Rich

As usual Rich has been a posting machine during the last month. Some of the highlights I’ve noted: * Iceland travel. I hear they have some fantastic river rafting there. I’m ready to go. Just added to my 43places goals. […]

Mt Si

Went up Mt Si this week — first time ever. 4 miles one way, I think about 3200′ vertical gain. Gorgeous day and gorgeous spot. I think I still like Rattlesnake ledge better but this was beautiful. Along the way, […]

Rattlesnake Ledge

Made it up on one of our favorite hikes today, Rattlesnake Ledge. Gorgeous day and gorgeous spot. 2 miles and 1200 feet up. A lot of maintenance on the trail since last time I went, it was in great shape.

Tiger Mountain 6-19

Hit Tiger Mountain this morning for a hike. It is a nice area and incredibly convenient — maybe too convenient as it was quite crowded particularly at lower elevations, and the trails are pretty beat. But a gorgeous morning so […]

Cougar Mountain 6/17

OK I can’t leave well enough alone. I have to take every opportunity to turn everyday human experiences into geekfests. So I got a Samsung SC-X105 Sports Camcorder, attached the remote lens with the provided straps to my head, and […]

Hiking Progress

I’ve done a good job since rededicating myself to exercise — getting out on the trails 2 or 3 times a week. And I am still having fun. On the downside, I fell and broke a rib Sunday. Ouch. Doesn’t […]

Hiking First Weekend of June

OK we had intended to hit Rattlesnake Ledge this morning but life got in the way. Perhaps next weekend. Instead I got back out to Cougar Mountain for the second time this week. Starting from the RedTown trailhead, i went […]

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