Texas 25, OSU 22

Great game, tough loss. I am a Vince Young believer now. As is the entire state of Ohio. I am also an A. J. Hawk believer, but then I was before the game.

Obviously OSU’s failure to convert on turnovers cost them the game. From my seat, I felt the offense had good balance. QB play was OK. The running game was OK. Where the team failed is getting the ball into the hands of Santonio and Teddy in positions to use their speed. Too often they were catching ball in close coverage or on a sideline or in a situation where they couldn’t get the 1 or 2 steps necessary to use their speed as a weapon. Seems like we needed more crossing routes, more option pitches, more plays designed to get these guys the ball when they are at speed. Their performance on returns certainly shows that these guys can hurt an opponent when they have just a little room to run.

You have to say tho that OSU is certainly just a hair’s breadth away from Texas in terms of ranking. A loss in September to the #2 team is not a terrible blow to national title aspirations. OSU won’t fall that far in the rankings and they will have time to make it up.

OSU 34, Miami (OH) 14

OK so this wasn’t much of an opponent for the Buckeyes. The game had the feel of a scrimmage, OSU seemed to be running at 90% speed.

OSU is going to need 3 or 4 balls in play to get all the talent involved on the offensive. A plethora of skill position players — 2 QBs, Ginn, several emerging tailbacks, a good receiving corps — gosh this team could be the most explosive offensive team in the Tressel era if they can get it all together.

And the first string defense did a nice job shutting down Miami but not sure how much of a test this was. The Miami QB was very rattled early.

Huston did a nice job replacing Nugent. Hit on every opportunity.

I have to rant a little about ABC/ESPN/DirecTV. Halfway thru the 3rd, ABC cuts away to the Oklahoma game. OK I kind of get it, the OSU game was over, and the Oklahoma game was a huge upset. But I am paying DirecTV for the College Gameplan package so I can see every freaking game, and did they unblock the OSU game? No, they did not.

And just to top it off, with 5 minutes to go in the Oklahoma game, the local affiliate switches to the start of the UW/Air Force game! Grrr….

Chester avenue

Chester Avenue. I’m riding down Chester from downtown to the cleveland clinic. Man has it changed in 15 years. It used to be scary. It is becoming gentrified. A bunch of new houses, new condos, really nice construction.

Ludwigs in Grand Rapids Ohio

Ludwigs in Grand Rapids Ohio. Hmm someone did a google search for “ludwigs grand rapids ohio” and hit my site accidentally. But hey I know something about this topic as my grandfather Cleo is from Grand Rapids and was involved in the acquisition of the Isaac Ludwig mill which is apparently now part of the Toledo Metroparks system. So if you are out there, drop me a note and we can chat.

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Your Tax Dollars at Work. The Ohio State Legislature, after 200 years of statehood, is finally rectifying an obvious oversight — choosing a state amphibian. Thank goodness. It can join now the state beverage — tomato juice — and the state fossil — trilobite — and the many other fine symbols of Ohio.

Here in Washington we are waaaay behind — we have a state insect, fish, fossil, tree, but no amphibian. Are slugs amphibians? They’d get my vote.