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Seattle Area Blogger — Sonics

Seattle Area Blogger — Sonics Game Friday 12/20. Hey Seattle area bloggers, I have 1 spare ticket for the Sonics game friday night, and it’d be fun to meet someone in person and chat. Send me a note at the […]

Seattle Blog Community.

Seattle Blog Community. Lots of interesting blogs up here — eatonweb portal :: the original weblog directory. I see there is an attempt to have a meet tonight. Can’t do this one because of L’s birthday but will try to […]

Living in the City

Living in the City. Friday night — take John to friend’s house in Woodinville. Out to dinner with C in Bellevue. Up to Liz’s school for Volleyball match. Saturday morning — drop off Liz in U district at UW. Stop […]

Short Attention Span Radio

Short Attention Span Radio. Tune to 95.7 here in the seattle market. the home of quick 96. sub-10 second snippets of songs, one after another, with a numerical tag announced for each. The most bizarre radio experience I have ever […]


Salmon One of my pet environmental peeves. We live here in the great Pacific Northwest, we have access to wonderful wild salmon stock for our tables. Wild salmon is an incredibly good food for you nutritionally, high in omega-3 acids. […]


Herbfarm Well we had our Herbfarm dinner last night. Quite an experience, we can see why this place has a national reputation. The owners are passionate about their restaurant and they create a real event, almost a festival atmosphere. The […]


Herbfarm This coming Friday night C and I are going to dinner at the Herbfarm, the most famous restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. We bought the dinner at a school auction. You typically have to reserve a year in advance. […]


Fitness One of the great things about our Outward Bound trip last year is that it forced me into a fitness regimen. I am a goal oriented person and I need some form of clear tangible goal to get me […]

Portland Trip

Portland Trip We had a nice trip down to Portland. What a great city — feels much more old world than Seattle. Narrower streets, older buildings, just a lot more style. A great city for walking around. ANd you have […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having a great day. We are all well and enjoying the day together. This past weekend we went to see, among other things, a performance by The Bobs. What an amazing group. They did some […]

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme OK folks it is just a doughnut. Why this town has gone nuts over them I do not understand. I guess we don’t have the Mariners to talk about any more. No one cares enough about the Seahawks […]

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