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Fleetwood Mac's Latest

I’m listening a lot to their latest album. Well the Lindsay Buckingham tracks anyway, I can’t stand the Nicks compositions or the performance. It is cool that they let you download the first single — Fleetwood Mac single download | […]


I need to get smarter about SHN — Some SHN Resources looks like a place to start. I have plenty of storage, I’d like to start ripping my CDs in SHN format rather than a lossy format.


The MoM forum had a thread recommending this mixer — digital effects built in — Mackie Designs CFX*12 Effects Mixer

DJ Gear

Cool lighting machines, smoke machines, mixers, audio gear, etc. The Effects Company – Special Effects – Smoke Machines – Aroma Effects – England, UK. Prosound — I have had good experiences buying from them. THEATRE EFFECTS – HOME PAGE. And […]


CDs and streaming audio. Very interesting digital sound players — rack mounted, solid state media, amps built in — Welcome to Gilderfluke. Here is one person’s reco for mixer/dist setup Yahoo! Groups : MethodzOfMadness Messages :Message 295 of 597. Yahoo! […]

The White Stripes

The White Stripes. Saw them at the Moore last night. Wow. Jack has amazing stage presence. And is just a fun guitarist. This band is headed up. For those of you who live near Detroit, make sure you catch them […]

Guitar Spots

Guitar Links. I love some of these — Godin Guitars. Sheet music and tabs at Sheet Music Direct – 100% Digital Sheet Music, Musicnotes.com, TabCrawler.Com, Guitar Tab at Guitar Tricks. Gear at marsmusic.com: The Musicmaker’s Destination. And some toys at […]

CD Collection

CD Collection. Finally finished ripping my entire cd collection (about 1000 discs) to my server. 96k, wma encoding, and I convert to mp3 for appliances as necessary. Great to be done. Has been a background task for the last month. […]

Audio Gear

Audio Gear I am thinking about getting a panasonic sy-pa100 personal pa system. Replaces about 3 pieces of gear I currently use to practice guitar with — practice amp, drum machine, cd player. it is a little dorky looking but […]

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