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Music Management

I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with my music lately. Re-ripping everything I own in lossless format, and also trying a bunch of new stuff via lala. The amount of data involved now is substantial enough that I […]

Mpire researcher on ipods

Gosh this is cool — mpire researcher. Web2.0 mining of the ebay transaction activity. In this case for ipod sales. Wow. Disclosure — we are an investor in these guys. But it is still cool.

Re-ripping everything lossless

After expunging the Netgear SC101 disaster from my network, I found that I had lost about 10% of my ripped CDs — notably all my Led Zep. So time to rerip. After reviewing all of Rich’s goodness on codecs, I […]

Trying out Rhapsody

The economics of owning an iPod are finally getting to me. I collected a list of 30 artists/discs I wanted to try out recently, and it would have cost me like $300-500 to get all their cds, a lot of […]

Software roundup 9/16

* On the writely beta — love it…wish that office was delivered and worked this way…i don’t want to deal with installs and with docs being stuck on a particular machine. * Wish I could get an invite to Flock […]

Podcast Recording Setup

Two recos on podcast recording setups: * Rich’s recos — low end podcasting * Dan Bricklin’s setup — higher end. I haven’t done a podcast yet, and well, it just needs to get way easier and simpler than this if […]

Making a multi-ipod household work

We love ipods so much that we have four in the house. And itunes really sucks at handling this. we like to keep all our music on one server and this just creates a legion of problems. Getting itunes on […]


Paul Thurrott’s Internet Nexus — “Tunebite supports customer to hear their music everywhere they want. Did you purchase your music online and do you find it frustrating that you can?t listen to it wherever you want to? Tunebite is fully […]

Music Manipulation Weekend

Besides watching movies this weekend I also did a lot of mindless music bit twiddling. * Installed two new ipods. Downloaded the latest itunes and ipod drivers. Point itunes at my server with all my mp3s and had it crank […]

10 years gone

I?m worse at what I do best And for this gift I feel blessed Our little group has always been And always will until the end …

Synthesized singers

Freaky, now you can create synthesized singers from correctly annotated lyrics and scores — Slashdot | Yamaha Releases Singing Synthesis Software. I wonder what range of vocal performances this can encapsulate — I was listening to Led Zep/Robert Plant in […]

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