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LG Viewty config

Probably crazy but we are trying to coerce an LG Viewty cellphone to work on ATTWireless — good tips here on how to get internet configured — Re: LG KU990 (Viewty) – Setting up Internet? – LG – Wireless Forums […]

Best Wireless phones

Wirelessinfo.com Selects 2007 – News – WirelessInfo.com – Cell Phone Reviews and Wireless Plan Ratings — one list, we need a new one in the family

Ignition blog roundup

* Tong Family Blog: Best Seattle Restaurants — I use SeattleWeekly for recos but this is a good list too. Remember when CitySearch nee Sidewalk was actually useful for restaurant reviews? * Lala’s music streaming plans get covered in TechCrunch […]

Ignition Blog roundup

* Network Magic gets some love up at eHomeUpgrade | Why Network Magic Kicks Windows Vista’s Butt in Networking and File Sharing Usability * Andy loves referral hiring — spontaneous support for jobster * Rich has all the blackberry pearl […]

Phil's Berry411 App

The latest version of this is just brilliant — Bogle’s Blog ? Berry 411 Downloads — if you have a blackberry and haven’t downloaded this, you must do so immediately.

Recent software/services of note

Jon Udell discusses web-based presentation software. S5 continues to intrigue me, if someone ran a hosted S5-like service I think i’d dump powerpoint Mobile Seatguru now available. cool. World of Warcraft the new golf? I kind of doubt it. Jungledisk […]

Ignition Net roundup

* Jason on the future of the online job market. Right or wrong, it is smart to have some view of the future of your market. * Mark Maunder, another jobster blogger * Livemarks from Sourcelabs‘ Alex Bosworth. Great great […]

Ignition Blog Roundup 9/26

* Phil thinks it would be great to listen to podcasts on his cellphone. Totally agree. I would listen to like 10x as many if I could use the cell. * Phil talks about Jobster’s culture and how they encourage […]

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