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Yahoo, MSFT

Talking Business – Oh Jerry, It’s No Longer Your Baby – NYTimes.com — agree with all of this, very glad I am not a yahoo stockholder — Besides, even if the deal does win federal approval, you’ve chosen to become […]

New Zunes

Microsoft One-Ups Apple’s IPod Engraving — oh well that will hurt Apple share big time. I don’t really understand what MSFT is doing. Anyone who gets a Zune instead of an iPod under the tree is going to be sad. […]

Congrats to Walter Smith Et Al

When three ex-MSFTies partner: They’re Beautiful! – istartedsomething — I’d been meaning to notice these guys, looks like they are up to some cool stuff. Not sure how they make money but nice work. Good luck guys.

Microsoft Alumni Network renewal?

Apparently it is time to renew my Microsoft Alumni Network membership. $130. The only value I get is employee discounts on software. It is increasingly hard to justify this, there is darn little I want at the store. If I […]

Logitech g5 mouse and g15 keyboard

To match my new sli pc, i updated to gaming-optimized input devices — the g5 mouse and g15 keyboard. The keyboard is cool — the little lcd display during games is very cool. I’ve seen this keyboard in action for […]

MSFT Historical Notes

The return of the spaceship. Alex St John was just 10 years or so ahead of his time. LarryO on beeping death — who can forget beeping death? I remember being so excited when I installed the first WFW redir […]

CharlesF Blogging

Via scoble, charles’ blog. Brilliant guy. One of the people at MSFT I really miss working with. Wish your blog didn’t look like crap in firefox, charles. Other great MSFTees I see leaving via minimsft — hadi partovi and don […]

Ignition Blog roundup

First a non-Ignition blog, but one that ought to be in all our aggregators: * Mini Microsoft. A constant fountain of great stuff. Don’t just read the posts, dip into the comments too. Important to read not because of any […]

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