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Things Bill Gates and I have in common

Charlie Rose Interview: Charlie Rose: How do you find a balance in all this? Father, chairman of a major company, a foundation, and then all these other ventures? How does the balance come to you? Bill Gates: I don’t mow […]

Hal Berenson defends Office on Windows RT

Hal presents “a reasoned and rational defense of the current state of Office on Windows RT machines”:http://hal2020.com/2012/11/07/understanding-office/. I am almost half convinced. But I do differ with Hal on some points. * The Office and Windows businesses have always been […]

Tracking your Surface shipment

MSFT hasn’t explained this very well — all the first day orders are on their way, but MSFT didn’t explain the tracking process to anyone. To track your shipment, find your Microsoft Store order number (format MS1234567890), strip the MS […]

Great progress with Azure across the Ignition portfolio

* “ScaleXtreme Announces Support for Linux/Windows Server on Windows Azure Public Cloud IaaS”:http://www.bloomberg.com/article/2012-06-06/a.cUuxU7fDIw.html * “Apprenda Delivers Hybrid Cloud Solution for .NET”:http://www.prweb.com/releases/privatecloud/apprendaazurerelease/prweb9577961.htm * “AppFog to Develop Interoperability for Windows Azure Application Deployment”:http://www.marketwatch.com/story/appfog-to-develop-interoperability-for-windows-azure-application-deployment-2012-06-06 * “Opscode Announces Interoperability with Windows Azure”:http://www.bloomberg.com/article/2012-06-06/aNn0SfeJ5RnE.html * “Windows […]

MSFT’s biggest miss — another facet of MSFT’s stagnation

“Microsoft’s biggest miss”:http://minimalmac.com/post/17758177061/microsofts-biggest-miss is a nice discussion of another issue for the company, the slippage in relevance of Office. I can’t speak to the whole market, but my document composition has moved almost entirely to vehicles like Evernote, Dropbox-hosted apps, […]

MSFT and the decline of the PC hardware ecosystem

In the late 80s, IBM attempted to reassert control over the PC hardware platform with the introduction of the PS/2 and its proprietary “MicroChannel”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Micro_Channel_architecture architecture. The cloners fought back, customers voted with their feet, the PS/2 initiative failed, and the […]

Business Models and Evil

Some interesting commentary on “Google’s business model by Gruber”:http://daringfireball.net/linked/2011/08/23/swartz-google-evil — a total Apple fan, doesn’t view ads as inherently evil, but says you need to be very respectful of your users. And referring to “an original article by Aaron Swartz”:http://www.aaronsw.com/weblog/googevil […]

Year end link clean up

* “Poor Halo play prompts stabbing threat”:http://blog.seattlepi.com/seattle911/archives/231642.asp. Doesn’t seem unreasonable. I’ve heard campers threatened with worse. * “How Secure Is My Password”:http://howsecureismypassword.net/. No idea how accurate, but fun. 17 thousand years for my typical password. * “Rich on photobooks”:http://www.tongfamily.com/archives/2010/12/photobooks-for-christmas/. I […]

Contrasting Quarters — Apple, MSFT

Apple’s quarter (NYTimes): “We’re making our most innovative products ever and our customers are responding”…”unexpectedly strong sales of Macintosh computers and a surge in iPhone purchases pushed Apple’s profit up 15 percent in the third quarter”…”PC shipments for the industry […]

Goodbye Company Picnic

Proudly Serving My Corporate Masters: Goodbye Company Picnic. — the continuing transformation of Microsoft. Some of my fondest memories of the company are the events that allowed me to include family — the company picnic (the first one I went […]

Microsoft Service Week — Part 3

Installed the Win7 Beta1. I think MSFT will sell a ton of this. It just seems faster and cleaner than Vista. I haven’t played with new features yet — early NYT review seems positive — but glad that it seems […]

Microsoft Service Week — Part 2

Spent part of yesterday being deposed on a matter that I can’t talk about which happened during my tenure at MSFT. Hard to imagine that these issues are still dragging on, my remembrance of the events 10+ years in the […]

Microsoft Service Week — Part 1

Doing my part to help Microsoft avoid more layoffs this week. Firstly, been working thru zune error code C00D12F5 – Google Search. Some DRM config problem and all the published KB articles and forum pointers failed. Finally contacted the Zune […]

Microsoft Vision Statement on the Decline

Tough observations from a MSFT insider: Now we have this godawful concoction about experiences, be they compelling, seamless, or plain vanilla. It suffers all the flaws of the second vision, in that it is too vague and subjective, and it […]

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