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MusicDish Industry e-Journal

MusicDish. Fascinating account of royalty accounting discussions in front of the Senate — MusicDish Industry e-Journal. I had little sympathy for the corporations in the recording industry before, this is eroding even that.


Smallville. Just saw the finale from last season. Clark/Chloe/Lana triangle, Lex vs his Dad. the threat of Clark’s exposure, mortal peril for everyone in Smallville, Lex after Clark’s secret, Smallville vs Lex, … Wow this is fun. We can’t wait […]


Signs. A fun movie but come on (don’t read further if you haven’t seen yet). The aliens have the technology to travel interstellar space but have no weaponry, body armor, and can’t identify beforehand that an incredibly common earthly substance […]


Lyrics. Useful lyrics site — A-Z Lyrics Universe. I was looking for the lyrics to Foreigner’s “That Was Yesterday” which has been stuck in my head: But that was yesterday I had the world in my hands But it’s not […]


Smallville. The family is totally into Smallville. They were shocked to learn from me that Lex Luthor becomes Superman’s archenemy, as Lex is a friend in the show. Here’s the best site I can find that explains the genesis of […]

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