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Why don’t we realign conferences every year?

With “conference realignment furor in full swing again”:http://www.alongtheolentangy.com/2011/8/11/2358636/texas-a-m-to-sec-roaring-expansion-tidal-wave-imminent, I have to wonder why no one has harnessed the fan and media interest for good effect. If I was running a large conference — I wouldn’t have static divisions, but I’d […]

HDMI cable length limits

Sound & Vision Magazine – Ask The Expert: Cable Length Limits. Here is one article that suggests 6M is the max usable without getting funky.  Trying to do a media room config and need to know this stuff.  No obvious […]

Grabbag of software links

* Switch Between Your Gmail Accounts — hmm this has been an impediment to spawning more accounts * Paypal toolbar gens one-off credit card numbers — always liked the one-off credit card idea; at one point some ecommerce sites didn’t […]


Adrants: Oprah Show One Big Car Commercial — if you didn’t see this show, it is worth finding it on someone’s tivo (or finding a torrent) and watching it. The audience reaction was just incredible.

Big Movie Weekend

Shrek2. Entertaining but not as good as the first one. The minor characters drawn from fairy tales are hilarious — puss n boots, pinocchio. But too much screen time for the king and fairy godmother, who just aren’t that funny. […]

The Apprentice and the Web

* My number one source of Google hits is “omarosa”. Based on one blog entry on my site. * Heidi Bressler seems to have purchased the “Omarosa” keyword on Google. * Omarosa of course has her own website. * Of […]

TV these days

Martin’s admitting that he watches the Apprentice (Deep Green Crystals: The Apprentice Episode 7: Tammy’s turmoil) has motivated me to come clean. Besides The Apprentice, we are in love with My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancee (what a finale last night!!); […]

Mary Poppins on Broadway

Having Reshaped Broadway, Disney Readies a Second Act — I will make a special trip to New York to see a good Mary Poppins musical. That movie was HUGE when I grew up — Dick Van Dyke was brilliant in […]

Call to action for music consumers

Good call to action at Due Diligence — let’s not sit around whining about the state of the music industry — let’s hasten its decay! I’ll add another point — if you must buy cds, buy them used, don’t send […]

Music Traders going deeper underground

JD’s New Media Musings: September 14, 2003 Archives — of course this will happen, I scanned all the software choices this weekend for more private file trading (purely for personal non-infringing backup use in my home) and it is going […]

Pirates of the Carribean

Frank nails it — pseudorandom: “A Kind of Cockamamie Sincerity” — we couldn’t stop watching Johnny Depp. Some of us have seen the movie twice now. I want to see all the rest of Johnny’s work now. Pirates may not […]

Pearl Jam CD Sales

I find this article fascinating — One Music Label or Several? Pearl Jam Weighs Options. Pearl Jam has found a way to create a constantly renewable, inexpensive source of content — their nightly recordings. Given the file sharing networks, you […]

The Most Popular Magazines

From the NY Times — The Most Popular Magazines. Wow I guess this says something about me — I don’t even know what 5 of these magazines are. Other fascinating top ten lists on this page as well — the […]

The Hulk

This movie is in trouble. While watching The Hulk, two 20-something guys in the theater fell asleep and were snoring. When your core market for comic-based movies can’t stay awake thru the film… Contrast with Bend It Like Beckham which […]

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