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Interesting materials reads

* [0807.0378] Nano Imprint Lithography on Silica Sol-gels: a simple route to sequential patterning — multiple layers of stamping for nanophotonic or microfluidic apps. I love microfluidics, what a crazy and fun area * Scale production of nanotube circuits — […]

Fun materials reads

* Nanoglassblowing — new ways of creating nanofluidic elements * Insights into hidden world of protein folding — new insights into just how proteins fold, in some cases inside the chamber of something not unlike an engine. fascinating * IBM […]

Intriguing materials science notes

* Nanotechnology-based clean hydrogen for cars — uses a vapor deposition process to create small catalyst spheres * New aluminum alloy used to create hydrogen — I don’t understand this one as well * Changing fluid behaviour with nanoparticles — […]

Bottoms up assembly of nanowire devices

Nanowire arrays think big – nanotechweb.org — bottoms up, “organic” assembly of nanowires. Some technique like this is going to be necessary for nanowire devices. And solving the general problem of bottoms up chip assembly seems pretty high value.

Absolute Black TVs

Pioneer’s Kuro Plasma Will Deliver Absolute Black — Contrast Ratio Is ‘Officially Irrelevant’ | Gadget Lab from Wired.com — I’d like this, I hate the grayish emissions from most of my screens. Too bad for them that their black has […]

Nanostructures to convert heat to electricity

Nanowires convert heat to electricity – nanotechweb.org — this seems very interesting. the huge amount of electricity we waste as heat is an appealing target. I wonder what savings could be made in general by replacing bulk machined wires and […]

Processing power everywhere

Printable, Flexible Carbon-Nanotube Transistors — on the road to processing power embedded in damn near everything — boxes, clothing, walls, desktops, paper, pretty much everything. And here’s one application — objects invisible to sonar, and apparently emitting no sound — […]

Recent materials stuff that intrigued me

* The Quest for a New Class of Superconductors — exploration of materials for higher temp superconductivity — basically trying to find materials that conduct without involving phonons * Silicon nanowire battery with much greater energy density. One example of […]

Distance Learning — graduate engineering

Been tough to keep up with my coursework at UW this year — they just don’t have a deep distance learning curriculum, particularly in materials science, my interest area. Scanning the web for new options: * Master of Science in […]

Precise placement of nanowires

This seems pretty great — Breakthrough toward industrial-scale production of nanodevices — full PDF here. Nanowire-based devices can be used for very small, very fast circuit elements, but have been difficult to accurately place on a chip substrate. This seems […]


World’s First Nanoradio Could Lead to Subcellular Remote-Control Interfaces — now this seems totally awesome. Being able to radio control nanoscale devices seems incredibly useful.

Attosecond spectroscopy

A new field for me — .:: Attosecond Spectroscopy ::. — introduced to by a recent review article in Science magazine. Fascinating — spectroscopy at the electron level, the ability to see electron changes as atoms bond, etc.

Interesting matsci stuff this week

* Perfect lens could reverse Casimir force (July 2007) – News – nanotechweb.org — a way to eliminate sticking forces at the nano/mems level. pretty fascinating. * Motor proteins (AAAS membership required) — “The biological cell is equipped with a […]

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