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I just ordered my Lytro camera.

Available February/March next year. The “Lytro”:http://www.Lytro.com features a technology they call “light field” — they grab sufficient photon data at capture time to allow refocusing, zooming, etc as a post-capture option. The Lytro is a simple step on the way […]

Silk and Timber electronics

“Paper and Lignin-based RFID tags”:http://www.physorg.com/news200760151.html. “Silk electronic metamaterials”:http://www.physorg.com/news200841751.html. Seems like we are not far away from having processing power embedded in damn near everything. Not lots of processing power, but enough to do identification and limited sensing. Interesting times.

Spring Coursework

Continuing my educational adventure this spring: ME 568 Active and Sensing Materials:  Fundamental knowledge of the nano-structure property relations of active and sensing materials, and their devices. Examples of the active and sensing materials are: shape memory alloys (SMAs), ferromagnetic […]

Materials science — circuits in everything

Flexible CNT circuits move on – nanotechweb.org.  Just one of many efforts to implant circuits onto papers, plastics, etc.  We are going to have processing power embedded in pretty much everything. Work on nanonet circuits — ok this stuff is […]

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