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OnyX 1.9.6

OnyX 1.9.6 – MacUpdate. — useful utility.  Spotlight indices were exploding on me and consuming my whole hard disk, this tool made it easy to whack Spotlight.

Airbook SSD full…

Not sure why, the Mac Airbook SSD was reporting full.  Tried to delete a bunch of apps, nothing seemed to help.  I kind of wonder if it isn’t a time machine problem. I don’t have great OSX intuition and so […]

Mac utilities — Witch, itunes scripts

* Many Tricks · Witch — super useful task switcher, let’s you see all windows within an app * doug’s applescripts for itunes — a ton of scripts for manipulating your song library * Geektool — show system stats on […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Toolmonger » Blog Archive » Meet Rockwell’s Jawhorse — I have a thing for portable work benches and their ilk * Borosilicate Tea Kettle — just because I like saying it, “could you please hand me my borosilicate tea […]

Software I am meaning to try

* CrunchGear » Archive » XBMC for Mac OS X continues to mature, gives Front Row much needed competition — I have an idle mac mini… * cloudprint — i occasionally want to print at home while at work, and […]

OS X Home Control Server

Perceptive Automation Releases Indigo 3.0, Mac OS X Home Control Server | eHomeUpgrade — I’m going to need an X10/zwave control program for the mac for future halloweens, perhaps this one.

Software notes — bloatware alternatives

* Crapware: Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software — i didn’t know about cdburnerxp * Rsyncx on the mac — potential beyondcompare alternative * Passpack password manager. I am not ready to give some service all my credentials but man […]

File System Mounting Tricks

* Featured Mac Download: Drag and Drop Upload Files to Google Docs with Gdocsuploader — Googledocs mounted on a mac. * Flickr mounted under Linux * Mount USB drives in a folder — to get around windows shell goofiness and […]

Importing AVCHD files into iMovie

Did this for the first time last night. Movies look great on the mac but the import process is dog slow, basically happening at something close to regular playback speeds. This software may be worth trying — iMovie & iDVD […]

Stuff I want but don't need — grabbag

* The Gadgets Weblog: Wacom Bamboo Fun — I’ve always wanted a tablet. * Painter’s Pyramid — actually seem highly useful * 160Megapixel camera — on the road to gigapixel cameras * Sandisk TakeTV. this keeps calling out to me […]

New apple stuff

Rich likes the new Time Capsule. I may get one. Already ordered the new slim notebook. And the mac pros with the refreshed video card options look great. We are teetering on becoming a mac-only household.

Mac software tips to try

* Feature: Customize Your Mac with Leopard Power Tweaks. If nothing else I’d like the “Revert the blue dots to Tiger’s black triangles” tweak, those blue dots are just not very noticeable * iTunesFS — i know i will need […]

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