Airbook SSD full…

Not sure why, the Mac Airbook SSD was reporting full.  Tried to delete a bunch of apps, nothing seemed to help.  I kind of wonder if it isn’t a time machine problem. I don’t have great OSX intuition and so an examination of the directory structure and process list didn’t really mean much to me.

Decided to just reinstall the OS.  40G free again.  we’ll see what happens.  Rennie pointed me towards The Omni Group – OmniDiskSweeper – Download or Tinkertool as decent utilities to use if it happens again.

Networking a mac and a xp computer with a kodak 5500 printer – FixYa

Sigh been trying to make this work and it looks like it never will — Networking a mac and a xp computer with a kodak 5500 printer – FixYa — apparently a lot of printers don’t support the necessary features for network use from a Mac. So I am going to have to buy another freaking printer — official Mac driver support here — you have to make sure you get one with a “modern” driver.

PS Thanks to the Pure Networks guys for helping me figure this out.

iphone to ical to entourage to exchange == yuk

OK this is starting to get really annoying. 70+ sync errors today with the iphone. seems to be mostly with recurring calendar events. grr. i know have my dad’s birthday on my calendar like 8 times.

UPDATE: Oh fricking great. 1548 sync conflicts reported. What the hell am I supposed to do with that????

UPDATE: Oh double great. Now the Conflict Resolver is trying to sync an iCal event with a contact. Awesome. And trying to resolve a conflict between my mom’s birthday and a basketball game — “Select the correct Event information below”

The good news is now I can plausibly skip every meeting and say “gee it wasn’t on my calendar”

New apple stuff

Rich likes the new Time Capsule. I may get one. Already ordered the new slim notebook. And the mac pros with the refreshed video card options look great. We are teetering on becoming a mac-only household.