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Kudos to Smarthome

I ordered some outdoor flicker lamps from SMARTHOME – X10, Remote Control, Home Automation, Wireless Security, Lighting Control and some of them were defective. In a cranky mood I filled out their post-sales survey, and was contacted promptly by them […]

Halloween Ideas

* mutli-channel player — sned sounds over individual channels of a 5.1 setup. pretty useful for running multiple sounds off a single pc. Also a random tip on this page — “Want a “dead ringer” for Halloween? Run a string […]

Halloween Props

If price is no object — Scarefactory furniture — most of this is a little too gory for my tastes, but great stuff. Cloud lamp – nice little project. I think 10 of these little touches can do a lot […]

Fixing strings of holiday lights

OK not necessarily a Halloween item bu this looks like a great tool to have if it really works — was sold out everywhere this holiday season — The LightKeeper Pro is designed to solve the frequent problems associated with […]

Halloween Gear

Latest links culled mostly from the MoM Forum * Simple Dimmer. Lots of other kits and components here too. * Simple prop controllers and some nice application notes like this skull idea (zipped pdf) * I’m sure I’ve blogged this […]

Halloween bits

* Looping skull — not sure what I’d do with but if I have a spare monitor might be worth running at a window. or maybe i should find a cheap projector… * Free circuit designs at redcircuits. Some of […]

Basic Lighting Tutorial

Great little tutorial on halloween lighting — we’ve found that lighting, fog, and sound are the critical elements to mood at our house. Props are the least important element.

Kevin Kelly's Review of Reviews

I’ve read Kevin Kelly — Cool Tools regularly and this latest article summarizing and grading review sites is good — I like the lighting related sites. Thanks to Martin for reminding me of this site.

EL Lighting

Great stuff for halloween — check out the spider web in one of the sample pictures — Flexible Electroluminescent Lighting


Well this is news to me. Read on the MOM group today — quinine water or tonic water will glow when exposed to a blacklight! and the diet versions are not sticky. For use in lab setups, etc. A very […]

Black Light

Black Light Tips — Black light (I need to learn more about UV light and glaucoma before touching this). Strobing blacklight — FrightShop.com: 27″ Blacklight Strobe

Improving my Lightning

Tips from the MoM group: Blue photo floodlights (designed for use with daylight balanced color film) are close to the color of lightning and they also operate at a much higher color temperature than ordinary floodlights. Placing blue theatrical gels […]

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