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Playing Zune tunes in the car

I like the all-you-can-eat economics of my Zune player, it has allowed me to try a lot of music that I would not otherwise have heard. A problem for me tho is — I do most my music consumption in […]

Trying out a Zune

OK I had pretty much given up on the Zune, but the latest devices actually look nice (the small form factor ones), and now with the subscription service PLUS the keep 10 songs forever each month offer, I am compelled […]

Recent software of note

* Remember the Googley Milk — major hole on iphone is lack of a todo list. this is my current favorite replacement. Nice PC UI. * Flot javascript graphing library. or there is what looks to be a server-side google […]

New Zunes

Microsoft One-Ups Apple’s IPod Engraving — oh well that will hurt Apple share big time. I don’t really understand what MSFT is doing. Anyone who gets a Zune instead of an iPod under the tree is going to be sad. […]

iphone annoyances

* I really need this — The Missing Sync for iPhone – Synchronize Mac OS X and iPhone — it is a bummer notes on the iphone don’t sync with anything useful * the new itunes store network connection in […]

Software tips to remember

* Scott Hanselman’s Computer Zen – The Nuclear Option: Resetting The Crap Out Of Your Network Adapters in Vista * Forcing google apps into mobile mode on the iphone — sure the iphone can display big web pages, but the […]

More stuff I don't need but want

* No-staple stapler is better for the environment (and looks cool) — I hate freaking staples. This looks useful and cheap * B&W Zeppelin iPod speaker system. I would probably never actually buy this but it looks wicked. * Powerkayak. […]

Ignition blog roundup

OK well mostly Rich highlights. * Tong Family Blog: iPod Backup — Rich points to a summary of ipod backup tools. L this is what you need. * Brett on field water purification. We just had an instance of giardia […]

Vista and iTunes

Man this is pissing me off. I would avoid Vista, even on OEM machines, until Apple and MSFT get this fixed. I’m pissed off at Microsoft. They jammed all this new media playing goo into Vista, and have all this […]

Ford, GM, Mazda add ipod support

Ford, GM, Mazda add ipod support — about time. Is there any reason 5 years from now the entire entertainment center of a car won’t be replaced by an ipod? basically the manufacturer will install speakers and an amp and […]

Grabbag of links

* The blockbuster bestseller is dying. “…the evidence shows we are moving away from a winner-take-all society, not toward it” * Solar powered flickering candles. Ordered for Halloween * Great lens guidance from bob and rich. I now know infinitely […]

Mpire researcher on ipods

Gosh this is cool — mpire researcher. Web2.0 mining of the ebay transaction activity. In this case for ipod sales. Wow. Disclosure — we are an investor in these guys. But it is still cool.

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