First couple days with the iPhone2.0 software

After activation woes, the experience has been pretty good. The things I like:

* The Exchange support. Wasn’t completely obvious how to enable. You have to delete your old imap/webdav email account info, and create a new Exchange account type, and turn on the cal and contact synching. It will wipe all your on-device cal and contact info so sync up first! Getting the entourage/ical sync disaster out of my config is a very good thing.
* The App store. nice selection, a lot of good choices, and seems to work well. Apps I like so far:
** Urbanspoon. The interface is just cool
** GuitarToolkit. Chord reference and tuner, very nice
** Todo. Integrates nicely with RememberTheMilk for a complete app and website experience. Jott is great too with the nice voice interface but Todo wins for the rememberthemilk integration
** SmugShot. Replaces the iPhone camera and photo apps, and is integrated with SmugMug

Things that aren’t doing it for me:

* What is the new Contacts app for? Seems like a subset of the phone app
* The Google app. Not really clear what value this adds beyond the existing search in Safari
* Games. They look nice but the interface limitations of the device really hurt. I won’t get rid of my DS.
* Still no cut and paste?? Am I missing this somewhere?

iPhone servers crumble under activation strain

iPhone servers crumble under activation strain | Electricpig — exactly where I am at this morning. Has screwed up my entire day. Thanks much Apple. Who had the idea to disable every single freaking existing iPhone as part of this process?????

UPDATE: ok i am past that hurdle and my phone is doing a really slow re-sync. Progress.

MORE: what a freaking disaster. now itunes just crashed hard (on the mac). in the middle of a sync. not happy.

Contact sync problems

Arrgh my contacts are gooneee! | — poor rich. I am having the same problems too. Fundamentally the problem is too many codebases trying to manage contact data, trying to sync contact data. And all these codebases go in and munge the contact data rather than just treating it as an opaque blob. same problem with calendar data. i am looking forward to the iphone directly syncing with exchange so i can get all these other pieces of code out of the equation.