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Ignition blog roundup

OK well mostly Rich highlights. * Tong Family Blog: iPod Backup — Rich points to a summary of ipod backup tools. L this is what you need. * Brett on field water purification. We just had an instance of giardia […]

Score One for Perfect Match

In the Science of Love premiere last night, science won. This is classically trashy summer reality TV, but for some bizarre reason we were all captivated with it last night. The guy didn’t seem like much of a catch but […]

Ignition blog roundup

* Rahul discusses new features at Judy’s book — New Features on Judy’s Book at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak * Oh and also at couponlooker — looks pretty useful * Rich is obviously a mac convert with a million […]

Ignition blog roundup

* Tong Family Blog: Best Seattle Restaurants — I use SeattleWeekly for recos but this is a good list too. Remember when CitySearch nee Sidewalk was actually useful for restaurant reviews? * Lala’s music streaming plans get covered in TechCrunch […]

Recent Software/Services of note

* Amazon S3 storage costs drop — “Finally, this illustrates a subtle but important point of using S3. When I buy physical disks at SmugMug, those are sunk costs. They’ll never get cheaper because I’ve already paid for them. At […]

Ignition Blog roundup

* 1-800-GOOG-411: the mobile walled garden crumbles ? Bogle’s Blog — Phil on Google’s 411 service — “All of these applications are signs of the coming collapse of the walled garden that carriers have traditionally enacted around voice and data […]

Ignition blog roundup

* Andy gives kudos to ops and test folks. Hear Hear. * Rahul likes this discussion about the declining value of content. Not totally sure I buy it, aggregators are valueless if there is nothing to aggregate. But an interesting […]

Ignition Blog roundup

* Network Magic gets some love up at eHomeUpgrade | Why Network Magic Kicks Windows Vista’s Butt in Networking and File Sharing Usability * Andy loves referral hiring — spontaneous support for jobster * Rich has all the blackberry pearl […]

VC transparency

Via Techcrunch, TheFunded which tracks feedback on VCs by funded companies. This s awesome, more transparency and communication is always good. I note Bessemer is rated highly, I’m on a board with some Bessemer folks and I would have to […]

Ignition postings

* Andy’s working on losing weight. Good luck man! He’s also invested in Shelfari — i am a sucker for book sites * Mpire launches shopping visualizer * Phil plays around with google co-op. Oh and he has renamed beyond411 […]

Ignition blog postings

* I wonder how the LPs feel (via Mattishness) at Starting Up by Rahul Pathak * Bob on tripods. Bob knows photography * Andy reminds me to disconnect every once in a while. * The jobster team keeps pouring out […]

Velocity Micro Vista box from Bestbuy.com

I got a velocity micro box from Bestbuy.com with Vista preinstalled. Some early impressions: * Bestbuy.com did a nice job on availability and shipping. they had what they said they had, it shipped on time and got here fast. no […]

Hard disk failure

Via Rahul at JB, All Things Distributed: On the Reliability of Hard Disks. Fascinating. A 6-10% failure rate for hard disks, wow. Another great argument for redudant storage.

Smart guys at Judy's Book

* Via Rahul Pathak, Boyd’s Law of Iteration: speed of iteration beats quality of iteration. Great pithy maxim. Doesn’t apply so well to heart surgery or parachuting, but really valuable for domains in which the cost of and individual failure […]

Ignition postings

* 4 Websites I wish someone would launch – Naffziger’s Net — some nice ideas. I really would like the intelligent email assistant — something that would autocorrelate all my amazon emails or my travel emails and bring the key […]

Ignition blog roundup

* Andy on JB evolution — “We will have a significantly revised site by the end of the first quarter. I’m looking forward to it” * Phil on privacy implications of new mobile gmail app — “Add on the privacy […]

Ignition related bloggers

* Another great HDR photo from Bob — HDR effects on single image B&W – Bobsplanet. I have to play around with HDR sometime soon. When will we see our first automatic HDR camera? * Andy likes keyworddiscovery.com

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