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Investing in Medical Data

Very thoughtful article on investing in medical data. Fifteen years ago, I indentified data businesses as good place for venture capital investing. Being located in New York, I found investing in core technology to be hard. Data businesses had similar […]

Steve Case's Healthcare Investment Theses

Interesting article in Sunday’s NY Times re Steve Case and areas of interest for healthcare investing: * Online reviews and rankings of doctors and hospitals. * Information and breaking news about medical ailments and treatments. * Software and tools that […]

Hiking Progress

I’ve done a good job since rededicating myself to exercise — getting out on the trails 2 or 3 times a week. And I am still having fun. On the downside, I fell and broke a rib Sunday. Ouch. Doesn’t […]

Hiking Squak Mountain

This weekend’s best hike was up Squak Mountain. The City of Issaquah website lists trailheads — we started at Mountainside Drive. Nice steady uphill hike for 2 miles — gets the heart pumping, but not so extreme that it kills […]

Small exercise victory this AM

So sometimes I just don’t have time to get to a trailhead, like this AM. In the past I would have just blown off exercising in the face of a tiny hurdle like this. But this morning I parked the […]

Today's Hike — 5/20

Back to Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park (for the second time this week) for Today’s hike. BTW, online maps for the park can be found at the King County GIS Center. Earlier this week we parked at the Anti-Aircraft Peak […]

Getting serious about exercise

I had my annual physical this week (man I am glad we signed up for MD Squared) and while I am generally healthy, I weigh 3 pounds more than last year. Maybe not a big deal, but I already weigh […]


Been quiet for a while, had a killer bronchitis/flu thing. Lost a week plus to fighting this thing. Don’t get it. Probably worsened by the fact that, 15 years ago, I inhaled an aspirin tablet and had to endure 4 […]

Full Body CT Scan

I’m unfortunately at the age at which I need to worry a little more about heart disease and other issues. This week I went to Health-Scan and had a full-body CT scan. What amazing technology, what a great experience — […]

Healthcare blog; Lipitor

Good info up at The Health Care Blog on a variety of topics. Got there by searching for “Lipitor blog” — and I have to say, getting a prescription for Lipitor makes me feel old.

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