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Tempo Wireless Trash Can

Tempo wireless trash can — this seems like the most awesomest way to steal files from your co-worker on the other side of the cubicle wall — just install the software on their machine and keep the receptacle on your […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Grizzly Drill-Powered Hobby Lathe — another clever way to reuse a power drill. Not sure how large a part you could really fabricate on this but still. Oh and here is a hand’s-on review * Alpine’s latest car deck […]

Water cooled ram

Just when I thought I had the ultimate water-cooled machine, now we have water cooled ram — OCZ Releases Water-Cooled RAM — and I am behind once again.

Velocity Micro Vista box from Bestbuy.com

I got a velocity micro box from Bestbuy.com with Vista preinstalled. Some early impressions: * Bestbuy.com did a nice job on availability and shipping. they had what they said they had, it shipped on time and got here fast. no […]

Hat Tip to Amex; Alienware still sucks

I raised a dispute with American Express concerning my problems with Alienware and I have to thank them, it is making things happen. I finally got a personal contact from alienware today: Dear Mr. Ludwig, I tried to call you […]

An "alienware sucks" roundup

UPDATE 11/6/06: I’ll leave the original entry below for history but Alienware finally worked this out with me. I received a full refund. So at the end of the day they were reasonable. I have to credit Amex with assistance, […]

Link Grab Bag

Don’t Buy Product Warranties — no shocker here. Anything the stores are pushing that hard can’t be good for you. How higher RPM drives rip you off — some contention around this but interesting Hidden light bulb camera — cool […]

Mechanical goodness

* Mechanisms and Movement — online resource for mechanical motion mechanisms — how to convert rotary motion to linear, irregular, etc. great great stuff. * Lindsay Books — great catalog of all kinds of tool and craft goodness. * Surplus […]

Alienware experience

As i previously mentioned, my widowpc gaming computer has been acting up — it has always had thermal issues, and their support has been weak. I finally ripped open the box and figured out exactly how the liquid cooling system […]

Technology deals and rebates

Rich got me excited about rebates and deals on technology — Tong Family Blog: Current Canon Rebates — great deals on Canon cameras. I did a quick search because i need a new printer for HP Rebates and wow there […]

PC Mag article on deploying asterisk

DIY Software from PC Magazine: Your Virtual Assistant — good article on deploying asterisk for a small business. I want to throw out the phone system at my house and put in an asterisk-based system, good tips in here, but […]

Switching my gaming PC

Getting ready to switch from a WidowPC box to an Alienware box. I’ve had the WidowPC box 8 months, it is a nice SLI liquid-cooled box, but it has had thermal problems from the day I got it and no […]

Bob's PC Struggles

Bob building his new PC — like me he is driven by gaming performance. His woes at fry’s — http://www.bobsplanet.com/serendipity/index.php?/archives/72-Frys-Slimy-Practices-the-Bobsplanet-PC-project-continues.html — personally I have given up on Fry’s, they have acres of stuff but never the exact part I need.

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