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Sound Editor

Sound Editor. Need a good audio editor for halloween sfx. maximumpc recommends Wavelab barely but Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0 also good

Digital Sound board

Digital Sound Board. A nice digital sound board using CF storage — the electech EM3018B. right now i use banks of cd players for sound effects at halloween but this might be a better way to go…


Halloween. (*&(#@!*$&(&$. There is always one more thing you need at Home Depot. In this case an assortment of machine screws and nuts.

Amazon Catalog

Amazon catalogs Wow this is a great new feature. I searched for motor and found C and H Sales. Totally cool ? ac and dc motors with any arbitrary rpm and gearing.

Axworthy ghost status

Axworthy ghost status. Making good progress on this. I have a small motor — an appliance fan motor. May be too fast and too low torque but am going to try it. I’ve got my drive wheel — an old […]

Halloween Preps

Halloween Preps. After much deliberation I’ve settled on my projects for this year. I am a) going to beef up my lightning primarily by switching to blue photo floodlights as discussed on my halloween blog. B) I am going to […]

Halloween Lighting Idea

Halloween Lighting Idea. This will let me run my DMX signals over ethernet…cool! ENTTEC, We bring you DMX. This also will run DMX over ethernet. there are a lot of these. webprc01. Yet another — Audio Visual Lighting – ELC […]


Halloween! Wow we had a great night. I’d estimate that we had 250-300 kids visiting — we gave away a LOT of candy. All of L’s friends and their families came, as did J’s friends and families. And we had […]

Halloween Status All systems go.

Halloween Status All systems go. Both foggers working — yard and doghouse. Pirate, Heartbeat, Greeting, Thunder and Lightning, and Doghouse soundsystems all operation. Giant Ghosts working. Lightning operational. Gobo spotlight operational. All skeletons in place. Skeleton eyes lit. All indoor […]

Northwest News 10/4 Well September

Northwest News 10/4 Well September certainly turned out to be a somber month. Even though we were not directly touched by the events of the month, we like all Americans have had a rough emotional month. We fervently hope October […]

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