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id Software: DOOM 3 — fun, but nearly unplayable without the sound cranked and without surround sound. The game relies on a constant stream of monsters popping up behind you, and if you can’t hear it happening, the game just […]

Far Cry

Tong Family Blog: Far Cry: Another Cool Game — latest time waster here on our home network. It has pretty much wiped out the ATI 9600 on one machine, while the 9800 on another machine is surviving but constant game […]

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

The latest timewaster here — Ubisoft – Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow — my gosh does it demand a lot of video card. We had to fidget for hours to get it working on our 12-18 month old cards.

Best Games of the holiday break

We’ve played a lot of games over the holiday. Our grades: Call Of Duty: A+. Multiplayer incredibly fun, servers easy to connect to, firewalls not a problem. The only real beef is the stupid bunny-hopping behaviour that some players adopt […]

Installing XIII right now…

XIII: Confidential…and it requires 2.5G for a full install. This seems like a new high for a single title, at least in my experience. All of a sudden an 80G drive doesn’t seem that big…

Half Life 2 causing ATI and Nvidia to spin

Blue’s News: Message Board — the upcoming release of Half-life 2 is causing a lot of frenzy in the video card industry. Gabe at Valve currently seems to recommend the ATI 9800, tho Nvidia is spinning hard. It is fascinating […]

Splinter Cell

I told myself that I was never going to buy a Tom Clancy branded game, because I thought that the games probably sucked, the publisher having spent all their money on the name license. But Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is […]

Microsoft Links is a Dog

I bought Links 2003 and installed recently, wanted to see what state of the art in golf games was. This can’t be it. Buggy as crap — hard to finish a round without a crash. And compared to a modern […]

Risk 2210

Risk 2210. Hey rich when you tire of Risk, try Risk 2210 as well. Faster paced, and some nice touches that inject randomness and the need for extreme strategy shifts into the game.

If I was a kid.

If I was a kid. I’d want one of these for Christmas — french sloop model boat — I love any sort of boat model. And a chemistry set — tho in these days of extreme product safety the sets […]

Medal of Honor

Great game. I’ve been burning lots of time playing Medal of Honor Allied Assault — awesome game. The Normandy Beach scenario feels amazing. My son is bugging me to start playing Warcraft III on our lan, but I have to […]


Coins I’m getting hooked on ebay again. Not buying so much, as just watching the action. I purchased some SLC Olympic coinage from the US Mint, and now I am watching all the Olympic Coin auctions on ebay. Lots of […]

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