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Wireless-enchanced DS?

Just ordered Amazon.com: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin: Video Games based on the NYTimes review today. Have to wonder — when will we see a DS with wireless integration like the Kindle? I don’t buy games that often, cartridges and […]

Casual Games

some of these in nytimes this week. * Cursor*10 (nekogames) — oh this thing is crazy * Excit. * Portal. 3d version is of course way more fun * Spot the Differences

Christmas gift awesomeness

* The “Kindle”:amazon is awesome. The awesomeness is due to the wireless delivery of books. And the fact that I can browse Amazon at my PC and direct books to my Kindle with one click. (Similarly, the Unbox/Tivo integration is […]

Essential Crossword Tips

Diary of a Crossword Fiend: How Constructors Try to Trick You — don’t even try to do the NYT crosswords later in the week unless you have embraced all these. I hate the “Phonetics and building blocks” class of clue, […]

Software links

* WikiMatrix – Compare them all — lists and compares all the wiki implementations * Forummatrix — same dealy for forums * MonkeyGTD — the fusion of wikis and GTD ideas is a strong draw to me. i religiously use […]

Software of Note

* Games ? Bloxorz — great timewaster * PicLens — nice way to browse flickr. A little unobvious to use. * Socialcalc. I continue to think this is interesting tho I have never installed it. hmm. * Rich’s guide to […]

xbox 360 #1 blown

OK our first 360 bit the dust. locks up 1 minute after booting. 7 months into owning it — just out of the warranty phase. so $129 to get it fixed — this must be the microsoft strategy for making […]

Starbucks Crossword contest wrapup

Good discussions of the final tiebreaker puzzle over at crossword fiend and crossword bebop. Personally I sailed through the first 6 weeks and easily made it into the tiebreaker round. But today’s tiebreaker puzzle crushed me. I knew there was […]

Recent Software of Note

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. What a massive game world. You could get lost in this thing for years. Secondlife. kind of yawn. the graphics aren’t as good as online games and the action isn’t as fun. but obviously a lot […]

Logitech g5 mouse and g15 keyboard

To match my new sli pc, i updated to gaming-optimized input devices — the g5 mouse and g15 keyboard. The keyboard is cool — the little lcd display during games is very cool. I’ve seen this keyboard in action for […]

A lifetime of Starbuck's Coffee

I drink coffee. I am addicted to crosswords. Hence the perfect contest for me — win a cup of coffee a day for 50 years. I finished today’s first puzzle — not very hard — the equivalent of a monday […]

Business readings

* Subvert from within — great tips on how to remain focused on the customer, even within a large org. Totally relevant to team members in orgs of all sizes. (from geekman.com) * Google’s use of prediction markets internally. I […]

Software roundup 9/12

* 64bit windows perf testing — as i buy a new machine, looks like i should stick to 32-bit windows for now. not because of perf issues, but because of driver and sw compat issues with 64-bit. * Frankston on […]

Gaming PCs

So rich looked at some gaming pcs recently — the big brands of alien, voodoo, and falcon nw. I’m in the market soon for a new pc and looked at their sites. On the way, A9 and Google pointed me […]

Keeping up with Rich

As usual Rich has been a posting machine during the last month. Some of the highlights I’ve noted: * Iceland travel. I hear they have some fantastic river rafting there. I’m ready to go. Just added to my 43places goals. […]

PC Games of recent note

* Star Wars Republic Commando. First person, squad based. Very forgiving. * Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Great dvd install — man it is great to eliminate the cd shuffle. Looks glorious. Buggy tho. * Swat 4. Great multiplayer. Looks great […]

Board Games

From this slashdot entry, lots of great board game sites: * The Morning News game guide * Funagain Games for all your buying * Boardgamegeek for enthusiasts * SeattleSpiel for Seattle board gamers It is kind of a holiday tradition […]

Halo2 — Boy am I an optimist

I thought I’d slip by the MSFT company store today to grab a copy – ha ha ha ha ha ha. Wish I’d had a camera with me. I would have needed a machete to get within 100 yards of […]

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