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Recent books — and stuff I should read

* “Beyond Oil”:amazon by Deffeyes. Excellent, breezy book looking at the production and supply issues behind oil and all other energy sources, by a very smart scientist. An essential read if you care about energy policy. It is difficult not […]

Grabbag of links

* Via gotAPI.com | Gadgetopia, gotapi.com — online reference for a bunch of different languages. nice. * Martin points to a great doc on how brazil achieved oil independence * First 100+megapixel sensor — rich here is your next camera. […]

Imperium Renewables

Martin came by and updated us on Imperium Renewables today (nee Seattle Biodiesel). Sounds like they are hitting on all cylinders, man I wish I’d been smart enough to invest.

Things that tickle me

* I thought someone had been moving things on my desk when I was not around but now I know what is really happening — Variable physical laws * I am not sure a 1000 HP ethanol viper is really […]


Martin is always a great read — latest diesels in europe, audi a8. man I wish these were available here. as he says the citroen is hot looking. Also a link to some of the discussions around energy balances of […]

Energy Policy

* Tom Evslin nicely makes the case for at least thinking about nuclear. hear hear. * Martin on legislative efforts here in WA to encourage renewable fuels, and on the coming wave of diesel car choices * Also congrats to […]

Catching up with Martin

Catching up with all of Martin’s postings: * Responding to the negative energy balance FUD around biodiesel — good stuff * Seattle leading way to embrace Kyoto — great news. I think we’re way behind in fully embracing eco-friendly industrial […]

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