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Peak Water ?

The Big Picture | Peak Water ? — interesting graphics tho I am not sure I get it, are there huge fleets of tankers moving water from South America to Asia?

Green Made Simple

GreenMadeSimple: Find incentives, rebates and green business listings in your area — nice resource for finding discounts, rebates, etc for energy programs.

Energy reads

* bcurtisBLOG » People are talking about water… — nice chart on where all our water goes. Only 13% for household use. A huge amount to thermoelectric power generation. * Tom Evslin on energy policy. Great points — we need […]

Home energy stuff

Very interested in products that make us smarter about our energy use at home. Sean reports on his use of TED — the TED device lets you get finegrained reports on your electricity use, and with a little playing around […]

Tornado Power Plants

An Update on Tornado Power Plants | EcoGeek — awesome, man-made tornados as part of a power plant. It just seems like the beginning of a great Michael Crichton novel.

Green Links

* Idea Blob: An Infectious Way to Fund Your Green Business : Ecopreneurist — ok not really green specific but interesting * Reusing worn oil production tubing as jewelry — just looks cool. * Artifical Solar Leaves — cool looking, […]

Intriguing materials science notes

* Nanotechnology-based clean hydrogen for cars — uses a vapor deposition process to create small catalyst spheres * New aluminum alloy used to create hydrogen — I don’t understand this one as well * Changing fluid behaviour with nanoparticles — […]

Greentech PPA Report

Good summary of this report — Clean Energy Future by Arno Harris: GreenTech’s PPA Report — Key Insight on Leased Buildings: * In 2009, PPAs will be established as the standard way that American businesses pay for on-site green power, […]

DOE Lighting for Tomorrow

Lots of great energy stuff up at the DOE site — including Solid-State Lighting: Research Highlights which has their award winners for solid state lighting last year. I’ve tried some of the inexpensive commercially available LEDs and they suck. I’m […]

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