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Governance Conference

School Governance. Will be attending the PNAIS Governance Conference in early November. Very interested to hear the mood of private school board members as the economy continues to struggle. And when you look at the demographics of this region, the […]

UGA | Freshmen – Requirements

Kudos to UW Admissions site. This chart is great, provides very clear direction to students about their likelihood of admission at the U. Last year’s version was even more detailed but this is still great. Wish every university did this.

Overlake parent social

Overlake Parent Social. Thanks to curt smith and jill potter for hosting the Overlake social saturday night. What a beautiful place on lake sammamish. And what a great community of parents.

Forest Ridge board meeting

Forest Ridge Board meeting. We had a great board retreat last week. Some really great people on the board — Mike Russell at Accenture and Walt Orlowski (formerly of MD and Boeing) are great new additions to the board. I […]

College Apps.

College Apps. Liz is making great progress on these. But a lot of work. I’ve been helping on the mechanics and the process. I’ve been exposed a lot to all the online application processes. A quick review: the Common App […]

UK Universities

UK Universities. One of the family wants to look at UK universities and colleges. Man am I dumb about these. My coworker Adrian Smith turned me onto UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service), which seems to be the clearinghouse for […]


College. OK the apps are flying in now. Occidental, Reed, Pomona, Scripps are all in. Harvey Mudd I think too. Starting to become very real for Liz.

School Year Drawing to Close

School Year Drawing to a Close. Liz taking the SAT IIs today — Math IIc, Chem, Writing. Tough way to spend a saturday. Annie graduation weekend — congrats! John has his Latin and Math finals on Monday — I tested […]


Reed. Visited Reed yesterday. Bright kids. But wow are they left of the mainstream. But bright. An interesting contrast to some of the other places we visited. It is certainly a free thinking place!

College entrance exams. Rant. Kids

College entrance exams. Rant. Kids these days are expected to take the PSAT in their junior year to qualify for National Merit honors. SAT in the spring of their junior year for the first time. Followed by prep work, and […]

Educational Update.

Educational Update. Liz and I had a great college tour this week. We started at the UW visiting their honors program, where Liz was able to sit in on an ecology class. The honors staff was super nice and accomodating […]

University of Washington Honors Program

Educational Stuff. Heading out on some college tours next week. University of Washington Honors Program is first on our list, heading there next Wednesday. Then to Occidental Thursday, Claremont and Pepperdine Friday, Caltech and UCLA Saturday, with maybe a stop […]

Population Stats.

Population Stats. I’m on the board of Forest Ridge and I am trying to get a good handle on demographics and population forecasts for the next 10-20 years. Here is what I have found so far — the Economic Development […]

Back to the Grind

Back to the Grind Both L and J back to school today. A tough morning, everyone up and moving by 620 am. 6 weeks of grind until mid-winter break in february. That’s not so bad. We’re going to Arizona for […]

College Thinking

College Thinking One constant theme of conversation in our house these days is college — in particular, where might L go. I have no idea where L will ultimately decide to go — I am enjoying learning about schools with […]

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