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Prescott College graduation

Just attended the Prescott College | For the Liberal Arts and the Environment graduation and baccalaureate. What amazing ceremonies! Personal words about each student and from each student — amazing passion and diversity. The value of a small personalized college […]

Distance Learning — graduate engineering

Been tough to keep up with my coursework at UW this year — they just don’t have a deep distance learning curriculum, particularly in materials science, my interest area. Scanning the web for new options: * Master of Science in […]

Best Starting Salaries

College grads see higher starting salaries this year – Jul. 12, 2007 via The Big Picture. Engineering rules yet again. Might be a tortoise and hare thing tho, I’m not convinced the picture is the same 20 and 30 years […]

How History is taught elsewhere

I’ve often wished I could read a sampling of history texts used in high schools worldwide — it would be educational to see how students in different societies are programmed. For instance in the WSJ today, some of the messages […]

Random useful and interesting sites

Found via StumbleUpon: * Google sightseeing — a great way to see satellite photos of interesting world sites * Test everything — a jillion tools for testing the construction, seo, and other characteristics of your site * Computer Architecture — […]

Advice for College Admissions Counselors

Please please please — pretend you are a student and go out and attend a week’s worth of college visits at other institutions. I think you will find that there is a lot of mind numbing repetition across the presentations […]

III Nitride info

For homework in my class this term * NSM Archive – Gallium Nitride (GaN) * Ditto for AlN, BN, and InN * Office of Naval Research pages on GaN, BN, AlN, InN

Remote courses on the ipod

Star-Telegram | 02/12/2007 | The next class fits in your pocket — for my next UW EDGE course i need to investigate slamming the lectures onto the ipod. And if i jam the pdfs onto the sony reader, a lightweight […]

Electron Theory texts

Some books I’ve been reading to help me in my coursework: * “Quantum Mechanics Demystified”:amazon. High ranking on amazon but really terrible as an introduction. Very little conceptual discussion, just lots of math wanking. Maybe useful as a reference. * […]

This quarter's educational adventure

Materials Science 565 — Electron Theory of Materials. Way more quantum theory than I ever knew. Definitely getting my educational butt kicked. First homework question as an example: bq. You were asked to design a composite material consisting of small […]

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