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Hard drive industry, storage functionality

First, an interesting article about profitability in the hard drive industry — classic commodity economics are at play, and as consumers we are all benefiting. At the same time, enterprise storage functionality is transitioning down to consumers — external sata […]

PC Hardware of note

* I like the thinking behind The Project PC: A New Windows Form Factor? — I’m not sure you need wholly different form factors for different tasks, but I suspect there are rich veins to mine here * Matrix Raid […]

It's an iPod world

* Photo iPod launched — my order is in * The Bose Sounddock — cool looking. It is fascinating to watch Apple and Microsoft hollow out the consumer electronics industry. Apple building from the iPod base, gradually wiping out all […]

PC Hardware happenings

* External audio solutions — the pc is electrically noisy and the amp circuits on sound cards are not that great — maybe we should be moving all this functionality out of the pc (or the electical/amp characteristics of a […]

Cleaned out my cable drawer this weekend

Needed some space in my office this weekend so I dared to empty out my cable drawer and throw out the cruft that has aggregated over 5 years. Serial cables — db9, db25, every gendered alternative of these, serial switchers, […]

ATI X800 XT finally arrived

We’ve been waiting for this part since July. Finally arrived — after trying to order from many different sources, it was good old compusa that finally delivered. Installed it last night along with Call of Duty expansion (CODUO) and the […]

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