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I’m a sony reader convert

Like this guy — Sony Reader: Part 4 (of 4) ? Mike Cane’s Blog — you really have to use one for a couple of days to get it. It blows away all the other devices in the space.

Christmas Gadget Report

* 20Q.net Inc. — exceeded expectations. cheap and fun. * Wii — exceeded expectations. The controller makes even simple games way fun. We just need more good games now — a good flying game would be fun. * Sony reader. […]

Hardware I Need To Get

* With Skype’s recent announce of free outbound calling, I should try one of the cordless handsets available * A Washington-based PC Mfr focused on silent PCs — endpcnoise * Rich is getting me excited about getting a higher end […]

USB Keys

I’m not a huge user of USB keys tho a lot of people are — lots of excitement about these keys evolving to contain your entire personalized computing environment. I’d be more compelled to try using a key this way […]

ATI SLI alternative

Nice to see ATI’s alternative to SLI out.  Looks reasonably performant tho I think I will stick with SLI for my next machine, there are just so many SLI choices out there.

Hardware that is intriguing me

* Would love to deploy digital door locks but they just don’t match any of our hardware. My car has keyless entry now, so I am frustrated that the house does not. * This hard-fi thing seems like vaporware but […]

Gaming PCs

So rich looked at some gaming pcs recently — the big brands of alien, voodoo, and falcon nw. I’m in the market soon for a new pc and looked at their sites. On the way, A9 and Google pointed me […]

Keeping up with Rich

As usual Rich has been a posting machine during the last month. Some of the highlights I’ve noted: * Iceland travel. I hear they have some fantastic river rafting there. I’m ready to go. Just added to my 43places goals. […]

Podcast Recording Setup

Two recos on podcast recording setups: * Rich’s recos — low end podcasting * Dan Bricklin’s setup — higher end. I haven’t done a podcast yet, and well, it just needs to get way easier and simpler than this if […]

Hardware happenings

* Geez I am now like two generations behind on cooling technology — liquid metal coolers for pcs, liquid metal cooling for video cards. My cooling problem though is a little different — with 6 computers in 2 small rooms, […]

Hardware wish list

* Stompbox in-car evdo router. Hey kevin at benchmark motoring, this is what I want to do in my car. mobycar is another interesting in-car solution. (An interesting aspect is the crushing effect this is going to have on all […]

Another way to listen to MP3s in the car

I got one of these power/fm transmitter thingies for christmas, and plugged a thumbdrive into it with a bunch of directories of mp3s. It is a very nice little solution, the sound quality actually seems better than my ipod/itrip combo. […]

Random hardware roundup

* Olivier notes the problems you face when building a new SATA-based PC. Over the next 6 months this stupid problem is going to cause more floppy drives to sell out of Fry’s than any other reason. And many of […]

The Exploding PC?

Some great posts I’ve found on the disaggregation of the PC in the home — we aren’t moving to bigger and bigger PCs in the home, but to elements of the computing environment spread all around: * Furrygoat summary and […]

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