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Make your own SSD

Quad-CF PCI Controller from Addonics — Brett mentioned this in his comment on my macbook air, what a cool little product, add an SSD to any PC.

Wireless-enchanced DS?

Just ordered Amazon.com: Advance Wars: Days of Ruin: Video Games based on the NYTimes review today. Have to wonder — when will we see a DS with wireless integration like the Kindle? I don’t buy games that often, cartridges and […]

Got Drobo working

A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: Not too happy with my Drobo — I did finally get a support call with Drobo and they got it working. I had to go twiddle a BIOS setting having to do with […]

Power strips

Why do all power strips have to be so ugly? I saw one in a downtown window that appeared to be a tower of cast stained concrete and it looked great. Why can’t you buy these anywhere? I am sick […]

Gadget put options

TechForward: Guaranteed Buybacks for Consumer Electronics — via Marginal Revolution. Ideal for someone like me who surfs the wave of the latest technology.

Stuff I want but don't need — grabbag

* The Gadgets Weblog: Wacom Bamboo Fun — I’ve always wanted a tablet. * Painter’s Pyramid — actually seem highly useful * 160Megapixel camera — on the road to gigapixel cameras * Sandisk TakeTV. this keeps calling out to me […]

Absolute Black TVs

Pioneer’s Kuro Plasma Will Deliver Absolute Black — Contrast Ratio Is ‘Officially Irrelevant’ | Gadget Lab from Wired.com — I’d like this, I hate the grayish emissions from most of my screens. Too bad for them that their black has […]

Not too happy with my Drobo

Data Robotics, Inc. | Knowledge Base — these things are getting fab reviews but * my PC won’t boot with it attached — apparently there is some bios tweak i can do — yuck * and even when i can […]

Kindle hacking

Reversing Everything: Hacking the Kindle part 3: root shell and runtime system — minesweeper! photo viewer! screencap! easter egg! all kinds of great stuff here.

Christmas gift awesomeness

* The “Kindle”:amazon is awesome. The awesomeness is due to the wireless delivery of books. And the fact that I can browse Amazon at my PC and direct books to my Kindle with one click. (Similarly, the Unbox/Tivo integration is […]

LG Viewty config

Probably crazy but we are trying to coerce an LG Viewty cellphone to work on ATTWireless — good tips here on how to get internet configured — Re: LG KU990 (Viewty) – Setting up Internet? – LG – Wireless Forums […]

Stuff I want but do not need — gear edition

* Fujifilm Professional Photography – Products – Cameras – Digital Cameras: Fujifilm IS Pro — UV and IR photography, awesome. * Blaupunkt car stereo accepts flash media — this seems pretty cool. * Infolink GE phone — landlines start to […]

Sony gets it right for me

My Sony – Reader broke, Brad Feld has documented my support experience. Thankfully Sony was responsive and finally got it right, I have a brand new reader now and can get back to using it. I really like the device, […]

Grabbag of useful sites

* BibMe – the fully automatic & free bibliography maker (MLA, APA & Chicago) — very cool * Geni — i’m not really into family trees but this is actually kind of fun. I wish I could link trees with […]

Hard disk failure

Via Rahul at JB, All Things Distributed: On the Reliability of Hard Disks. Fascinating. A 6-10% failure rate for hard disks, wow. Another great argument for redudant storage.

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