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* My Favorite Things Mars. Amusing and entertaining * Why Nokia and Sony are failing. Succinct. Complexity is a killer. * Inflatable buttons. Cool, not sure practical. * Computer Hardware Chart. Periodic table of connectors * W* house. Your portal […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need — Themeless

* Solar Camping Lantern — I remember the old coleman lanterns using white gas, the pumping, the mantles. What a pain in the a$%. This looks way simpler. * King Cobra wristwatch — awesome looking. Tho I have completely given […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Graph Paper Napkins. To better help you design a breakthrough on the back of napkin. * Defendius Lock System. Prevents you from going at night when you’ve had too much. * Veneer Toolbox. I’m not handy, so maybe I […]

Stuff I Want But Don't Need

* Poken: Tiny RFID thingies that share all your personal data with others. Nice idea but looks like something an 8-year-old would carry. * Jean Marc Gady vases. * Timberkits. Look like fun * Cleo wall mirror with photos. I […]

cast concrete lamps

copper & concrete :::: lamps. interesting, particularly the ones that embed power outlets in the tower. i don’t need a lamp but a stylish power strip would be awesome.

Stuff I want but don't need — design edition

Fluidforms :: Individual Design. — awesome topographical bowls and other objects. Drippable adhesives as sculpting medium.  There are some cool Halloween designs hiding in this idea Fire fighting gun.  Makes you want to have a fire nearby. Bits needed for […]

New UK Coins

Core77 / design magazine + resource / post — I was an avid collector as a kid, these are just cool looking. Admire the innovation.

Contact sync problems

Arrgh my contacts are gooneee! | Tongfamily.com — poor rich. I am having the same problems too. Fundamentally the problem is too many codebases trying to manage contact data, trying to sync contact data. And all these codebases go in […]

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