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New Halloween finds

* i-Zombie.com • Welcome! — high power color organs — 1200 watts!!! this is tremendous. * Unit 70 — great skeletons thanks to kurt for the tips.

lynxmotion for hobby electronics

I exhausted myself driving around yesterday looking for connectors and other electronics parts for some halloween projects. Vetco, radio Shack, frys were all strike outs as were the local hobby stores. Lynxmotion is the place to go, they have all […]


One vendor kurt reminded me of was EFX-TEK . I ordered some stuff last night and these guys have killer customer service. Fast email response, they seem to be working 25 hours a day. Recommended.

Halloween Ideas

* mutli-channel player — sned sounds over individual channels of a 5.1 setup. pretty useful for running multiple sounds off a single pc. Also a random tip on this page — “Want a “dead ringer” for Halloween? Run a string […]

Halloween Gear

Latest links culled mostly from the MoM Forum * Simple Dimmer. Lots of other kits and components here too. * Simple prop controllers and some nice application notes like this skull idea (zipped pdf) * I’m sure I’ve blogged this […]

Philips amBX

Crazy idea from Philips — an ambient controller for entertainment. Can control lighting, airflow, temp based on game activity. Man this could be cool for Halloween prop control as well. via slashdot. Related posts: Finding Halloween Sounds, Halloween Status 10/16, […]

Home controls

Gleaned these from the WSJ last week — published way too close to Halloween to be useful this year. Sites selling a more complete and deep set of home controllers than say x10 or smarthome: * Homecontrols.com * asihome

Halloween Status

Minor meltdown over the last 6 days. My DMX512 system became inhabited by gremlins. Really teh gear is not supposed to be used outdoors so the fact that it survived 5-6 years is amazing. But I was using it to […]

Hacking Motion Sensors

Good links from MOM (membership reqd)on hacking inexpensive motion sensors: * How-to from Cowlacious (pdf) * Almost as good and not pdf — hacking a motion sensor * And from hauntedillinois

Open Sound Control

Something to look at later — some guys replacing MIDI and DMX type connections with an IP-based protocol — open sound control. Seems a little early but worth tracking

Halloween bits

* Looping skull — not sure what I’d do with but if I have a spare monitor might be worth running at a window. or maybe i should find a cheap projector… * Free circuit designs at redcircuits. Some of […]

Zensys Z-Wave

Per PCMag, Zensys Z-Wave is Home Automation that Works. I’m going to order a kit and try it out — it can’t be any worse than x-10 — i generally don’t use x-10 at halloween time because the robustness and […]

Using christmas lighting gear for Halloween

Lots of discussion in the MoM group about using Christmas lighting and control gear for Halloween. Lots of good pointers — Light-o-rama control software, Dasher at the Christmas Cave, Animated Lighting for all kinds of controllers and props, a simple […]

A couple new sites for animatronics

Effective Engineering and Blue Point Engineering seem interesting, I need good vendors/sites that help me figure out exactly what pneumatics to buy for animatronic applications. Frightmare has an interesting product too.

MIDI over Ethernet

For future Halloween consideration — looks like you’ll be able to run MIDI over IP — IEEE P1639 – Distributed MIDI — I’d assume 802.11 would work too. Would be a nice control protocol option, there is lots of MIDI-compatible […]

A Midi Haunt

A great midi setup for haunt control. I am ok with my system today (primarily DMX512) but this might be worth looking at.

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