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OS X Home Control Server

Perceptive Automation Releases Indigo 3.0, Mac OS X Home Control Server | eHomeUpgrade — I’m going to need an X10/zwave control program for the mac for future halloweens, perhaps this one.


1-Wire Devices – Maxim — interesting low cost control wiring and protocol. Maybe useful for halloween projects. Via Wes Felter

Replace my X10 crud

I still have a few old crufty X10 devices I control at Halloween time. I am seeing a lot of Zigbee and Zwave products and think I need to move on for next Halloween. Just a couple examples: * eHomeUpgrade […]

Halloween props

* Outdoor Garden Statues – Decor — some resin statuary up here that would be good in a graveyard setting * Inflatable Hearse — a little too cheesy maybe. but cool. * MAKE special halloween edition — ordered * Servo-Center. […]

Free Electronics Software

Found via Make, uC Hobby ? Blog Archive ? Free Electronics Hobby Software — a useful collection of resistor decoders, 555 timer info, schematic library links. Here’s some more free links at Freebyte including pcb layout software, pinout references, datasheets. […]

Halloween 07 planning

Geez it is may and I haven’t done crap for Halloween planning. The time to buy parts and build is rapidly approaching. Monster Guts sent me nice reminder spam, I might try some pressure mats this year.

Surround Sound Status continued

Continuing to plug away on my halloween surround sound setup — A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way: Halloween Surround Sound Status One awesomely great feature of the turtlebeach audioadvantage roadie is the headphone jack. You can use it simultaneously […]

Another haunt controller

A reader recommended this — Haunt Controller – Software for automating your haunt – holiday display – animatronics — PC software that interfaces with these kit74 relay boards. Looks kind of cool. I think it is too late for me […]

Basic Lovefest

Feld Thoughts: Where Has BASIC Gone? — Feld and commenters participate in the discussion about BASIC. I’ve recently come back to BASIC, programming BASIC stamps for Halloween. I have to say, it is quite fun to be able to jump […]

Delusional Key Banger

I’d never seen this before Creature Supply — records 4 minutes of firing events for 6 output lines, and then replays on receipt of an input trigger (IR, switchmat, etc). Seems useful.

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