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Stuff I want but do not need — gear edition

* Fujifilm Professional Photography – Products – Cameras – Digital Cameras: Fujifilm IS Pro — UV and IR photography, awesome. * Blaupunkt car stereo accepts flash media — this seems pretty cool. * Infolink GE phone — landlines start to […]


I’m not really a car guy, but need new tires and wanted good ones. J turned me onto Tire Rack — they do an awesome job of summarizing all the choices for your car model, including review and real usage […]

Formula D Saturday

Formula Drift – Professional Drifting Championship — great event. The sport is in its infancy here so you can easily get into the pits, up close to the track, meet the drivers, etc. The races are exciting although a little […]

Ford, GM, Mazda add ipod support

Ford, GM, Mazda add ipod support — about time. Is there any reason 5 years from now the entire entertainment center of a car won’t be replaced by an ipod? basically the manufacturer will install speakers and an amp and […]

Car shopping

Looking at some cars to add to the household — the sweet spot is the $32K sedan. The Volvo S60, Subaru Legacy, and vw passat all seem like great choices. Good interior styling, good safety, good handling and performance. And […]

Imperium Renewables

Martin came by and updated us on Imperium Renewables today (nee Seattle Biodiesel). Sounds like they are hitting on all cylinders, man I wish I’d been smart enough to invest.

Cement that absorbs pollution

Is this cool or what — It functions via a chemical process called photocatalysis, whereby sunlight triggers a chemical reaction when titanium dioxide on the surface of the cement comes into contact with pollutants in the air. TX Active works […]


Martin is always a great read — latest diesels in europe, audi a8. man I wish these were available here. as he says the citroen is hot looking. Also a link to some of the discussions around energy balances of […]

Automotive Education

I’m doing some research on automotive engineering education for high school and undergrad students. Wonder if anyone has any tips. The things I’ve found so far: * The SAE student site is a fine place to look for information. Competitions, […]

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