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Ebizjets. One of my partners succumbed and is now an ebizjets member. Very interesting idea. I wonder if the prices will go down — today’s WSJ discussed a glut of business jets. Resale prices have certainly dropped. The claim in […]

Air Transportation Stabilization Board

Air Transportation Stabilization Board. As I read this, about $1.5B has been guaranteed in loans to airlines so far, and there are several major applications outstanding. Most of this money goes to the bankers if the airlines fail as I […]


Copyrights. Good article from Dan Gillmor. We all need to get more educated and help our government engage correctly in this debate.

What Martha Should Do

What Martha Should Do. She doesn’t need the money from the IMClone transaction. She should call a press conference and announce: – She did not do anything wrong and will cooperate fully with any investigation – But to remove any […]


RealNames. Lots of press about Realnames going out of business — for instance at Scripting News. Most of it very anti-Microsoft. I think The Register has it right tho. Actually maybe the tide is turning — Joel has it right […]

Joel on Software – Product Vision

Design the Box. Good thought exercise for every startup — what exactly will the box for this product look like, what will it say? Joel on Software – Product Vision. Equally interesting — what does the press release announcing this […]


Idealab We are an investor in Idealab, and boy have we learned hard lessons here. Our one really bad dotcom mistake. Bill Gross the founder is brilliant but things have not turned out well. Business Week had an article on. […]

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