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Quick software/hardware trial notes

* WPTouch plugin for wordpress is awesome. check out theludwigs.com from your iphone. * Messing around with Slingbox finally. Works well tho I had to massively reconfig home network to get rid of routers — configuring to get through one […]

Hey some seattle VCs blog!

Why Seattle VCs don’t blog – TechFlash: Seattle’s Technology News Source — John Cook wonders why we don’t blog. Obviously some of us do — myself, Rich. We do it for personal reasons, not motivated by our business — we’d […]

Apple to release networked HDTVs

Calacanis: Apple to release networked HDTVs – Nate Lanxon, MP3 & Digital Music Editor – Technology Blog at CNET.co.uk. — this would be good. The current state of the world where you have to buy some separate box and whack […]

Pinewood derby designs of excellence

MAKE: Blog: Pinewood derby designs of excellence.  Love the pinewood derby, still remember coming in 2nd and winning the pen and pencil set so many years ago, one of my finest moments.  These examples are clearly adult-assisted but cool.  Your […]

Gocode plugin

I’ve always wanted to have my own implementation of tinyurl — gocodes seems to fit the bill. we’ll see how it goes…

Back to life!!

OK website alive again. Sadly the feed location has changed for RSS readers and I am not sure what to do about that. oh i guess i can add a redirect. i’ll get cracking on that. Why dead for a […]

Blog Transition Notes

Motivated by Rich, I am finally moving A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way off my own server and onto a hosted service. Back when I started this thing, it was fun to have it on my own box and […]

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