Electric Bike Reviews

ElectricBikeReview — our electric bike purchases this year have been a very nice surprise.  We had no idea how much we’d like these, nor any idea how well they would work.  I can’t imagine buying a bike without this feature now.

No you should not install 3rd party AV software

Between this news and the Kapersky revelations last week, I think the strategy most people should follow for their personal pcs is clear. Don’t visit sketchy sites that are offering you free software, free movies, etc.  And never download software […]

Weekend experiment — Amazon Codestar

Created a site using Codestar. It was pretty easy (the ssh setup instructions are the trickiest thing, they are not perfectly clear). And I like that the resultant site embraces AWS cloud services. But in its drive to easy dev, […]

Atlassian, you exhaust me.

Jira dashboards, boards, projects, issues, sprints, backlogs, queries, filters, versions, epics. Confluence spaces, categories, pages, people. Bamboo plans, projects, deployment projects. Hipchat teams, rooms. Trello boards, lists, cards. Atlassian products have more ways to group and scope content, each of […]

Surround.io is now part of Xevo

Been working on this for quite a while, our team is now part of Xevo (xevo.com). Very excited to join Xevo, the founder of Xevo is Satoshi Nakajima, former colleague at Ignition and at Microsoft, someone who I have long […]

Weekend Software Project — Audio classification

This weekend I experimented with some audio classification tools. It was an up and down experience. I’m interested in a couple features — hotword detection ala “Hey Siri”, “Alexa”; sound event detection (i.e. identify a glass break or gunshot); and […]

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