Books The Economist’s book picks for the year. A pretty interesting list. I’ve ordered 4 or 5. As indicated in my book links, I am reading a great book on construction failure right now. Deep in my heart I’ve always […]

Portland Trip

Portland Trip We had a nice trip down to Portland. What a great city — feels much more old world than Seattle. Narrower streets, older buildings, just a lot more style. A great city for walking around. ANd you have […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having a great day. We are all well and enjoying the day together. This past weekend we went to see, among other things, a performance by The Bobs. What an amazing group. They did some […]


Pictures I am trying out some simple picture posting ideas. You’ll see on the left some links to photos. These are stored up on Shutterfly as we use that as a photo printing service. You can actually print photos from […]

College Thinking

College Thinking One constant theme of conversation in our house these days is college — in particular, where might L go. I have no idea where L will ultimately decide to go — I am enjoying learning about schools with […]

Gosh sorry for being gone so long

Gosh sorry for being gone so long This is a super busy season for us — Thanksgiving, then L’s birthday on 11/20, then C’s birthday on 12/5, then J’s birthday on 12/15. Of course, Christmas and New Year’s coming. Birthday […]

Busy Weekend!

Busy Weekend! On Friday, I finally joined the ACLU and the EFF after years of claiming I was going to. I am all for tracking down terrorists and bringing them to justice, but in our zeal to do so, I […]

This Day In History

This Day In History First of all, when it comes to doughnuts, we’re #1! I hope the weather doesn’t prevent us from consuming even more doughnuts. More importantly, let’s wish the microprocessor a happy birthday. In one form or another […]

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme OK folks it is just a doughnut. Why this town has gone nuts over them I do not understand. I guess we don’t have the Mariners to talk about any more. No one cares enough about the Seahawks […]


Weblogs Perhaps the best way to build a personal website these days is as a weblog, or blog for short. This site is an example — your typical blog is a set of short notes posted in chronological order, most […]

Volleyball Season Finale

Volleyball Season Finale Well L’s volleyball season ended today at the district tournaments in Edmonds. This was the first time that Forest Ridge had ever made it to the district tournaments and they faced a set of very tough teams. […]

Carter Beats The Devil What

Carter Beats The Devil What a great fun book. John and I have both read it, it is a great yarn. And for those with a Marion, Ohio background, it has just enough mentions of Marion and Harding and Nan […]

Ignition Update Some of you

Ignition Update Some of you have asked about the companies that we are investing in here at Ignition. Here is a quick rundown of our investments to date: Seven — founded by a great entrepreneur, Bill Nguyen. This company is […]


Halloween! Wow we had a great night. I’d estimate that we had 250-300 kids visiting — we gave away a LOT of candy. All of L’s friends and their families came, as did J’s friends and families. And we had […]

Halloween Status All systems go.

Halloween Status All systems go. Both foggers working — yard and doghouse. Pirate, Heartbeat, Greeting, Thunder and Lightning, and Doghouse soundsystems all operation. Giant Ghosts working. Lightning operational. Gobo spotlight operational. All skeletons in place. Skeleton eyes lit. All indoor […]

Whistle While You Work I

Whistle While You Work I wish I had the time of an 11 year old. John spent nearly every waking moment this past weekend learning how to whistle. He made pretty good progress — Friday night all he could produce […]


Icebergs L brought home a paper last week on the “Iceberg” analogy for teams. How just a little bit of an iceberg peeks above the water, but it has a whole huge structure supporting its exposed surface, and how that […]

Volleyball Update Alright! Forest Ridge

Volleyball Update Alright! Forest Ridge won the playoff game friday night to determine the sole champion of the Emerald City league. It was a hard fought match — U Prep won the first game 15-13. Forest Ridge the second 15-13. […]

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