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Blog Transition Notes

Motivated by Rich, I am finally moving A Little Ludwig Goes A Long Way off my own server and onto a hosted service. Back when I started this thing, it was fun to have it on my own box and […]

Grabbag of software links

* Switch Between Your Gmail Accounts — hmm this has been an impediment to spawning more accounts * Paypal toolbar gens one-off credit card numbers — always liked the one-off credit card idea; at one point some ecommerce sites didn’t […]

Switching from newsgator to google reader

I’m switching from newsgator to Google Reader (4) for rss reading. I’ve been a longtime user of newsgator and loved it, especially the outlook integration. But I find myself spending less and less time in Outlook and more and more […]

A mixed set of lists

* The Big Picture | Cognitive Biases: A Short List — great list of the ways we screw up decisions * marca’s view on the best scifi of the decade * Larry’s recommended security blogs * EDSBS’s top 5 legends […]

MT Tags, Keywords, Categories

Prior to MT3.3, I was using a plugin to automagically convert keywords into categories, and basically using keywords as tags. now I am trying to switch to the mt3.3 official tags feature, but i’d still like the feature that autoconverts […]

MT3.3 — sigh, need to update

Learning Movable Type: Plugin Compatibility and MT3.3 — i hate updating software, my patience was worn out years ago. but will have to do this one, start here for plugin gotchas.

Jobster typepad widget

The Jobster team has one of these new typepad widgets. cool. seems like several of our other portfolio companies should have one too — judy’s book (they already have a way to integrate content in a blog), pure networks, perfectmatch, […]

Ignition blogging roundup 12/9

Ok well really this is the Jobster blogging roundup. * Jason on Where do you want to be in 5 years?. Great interview question — and moreover a great question to ask yourself every week and see if you are […]

Things to do to the blog

* Via Gadgetopia, 10 Killer Post Ideas. My posts are more of the model “Stuff John Wants to Remember” but these are good guidelines * Micropersuasion with ten favorite blogging hacks.


First post from Flock. Kind of cool that it really integrates posting and tagging, but the posting tool is too weak to use. I can’t set categories or keywords on a post for instance.

Jakob Neilsen on Weblog usability

From gadgetopia.  Great stuff.  And to respect his first point (“No author biographies”) I’ve added an About category and sidebar section.  Hence all the generic posts yesterday.

Innovation in blog posting clients

Boy this space seems to be heating up.  RocketPost is doing great things as far as simple usability — I’ve been trialing for a week and am really impressed with how easy it is to create links to websites, old […]

Elicit from BingoBangoSoftware

Testing out yet another blog posting tool — elicit from bingobangosoftware.  A very unique take on blog posting — very focused on helping semipro bloggers manage their posting rate and their affiliate income.  Easy to add affiliate links, easy to […]

Entry renumbering

OK I screwed up a little bit on my move to MT3.2. My archive naming scheme changed because I blew away my old blog. And I exported and reimported all my entries. As a result I was left with a […]

Trying out Rocketpost

Rocketpost, another blog editing client. Nice looking, pretty full featured.  One brilliant feature — copy a link from your browser or aggregator, select text in your post, and CTRL-J turns the text into a link.  Huge huge time savings.  Nice […]

Blog changeover

I’ve upgraded to MT3.2 and decided to blow away all my templates in the process. Because they were old and funky and corrupted and it was just easier to start fresh. In fact I completely blew away my old blog, […]

Per Category XML Feeds

I’ve added per-category XML feeds to my blog — helpful guidance at Learning Movable Type. They are all at So what? Well now I can create meaningful tagclouds for my categories. I’ve got one for the most recent posts […]

Tagging evolution

I’ve been pretty skeptical of tagging. There is a lot of evidence that most people don’t bother to associate keywords with content, no matter how easy the software makes it. And tags drift over time, and people disagree on the […]

MT has become very slow…

…My CPU is maxed on my server. something is clearly wrong. I removed some plugins that I wasn’t really using, hoping that that addresses the issue. If not I may need to do a clean install as next step.

turned off trackbacks

had to turn them off this week. the amount of texas holdem traffic was overwhelming — at one point they were coming in every 10 seconds. ridiculous.

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