Tucson Trip

Tucson Trip

Tucson Trip We had a great trip down to Tucson and Scottsdale last week. It is our so-called “Mid Winter Break” or “Ski Week” — a week off from school in mid February. We get spring break later in April. […]

Alterna Blog

Alterna Blog So I am playing around with a new toy, Radio, created by Userland Software. I don’t grok it fully yet but it has some interesting features. For those of you who are really into blogs and web services […]

Ignition Values

Ignition Values I’ve spent a lot of time recently with some of my partners talking about the values for our little company. I’m kind of proud of the statement we have come up with. I thought I’d share. Our Mission: […]

Back Live

Back Live Whew the server is back live. Had some problems which I hopefully cleaned up. Mostly stupid configuration problems on my part. Actually take one part general insecurity of the internet, one part windows nt security holes, one part […]


Security For a fascinating account from last year about a security attack on the internet, check out this column by Steve Gibson.


Herbfarm Well we had our Herbfarm dinner last night. Quite an experience, we can see why this place has a national reputation. The owners are passionate about their restaurant and they create a real event, almost a festival atmosphere. The […]


Herbfarm This coming Friday night C and I are going to dinner at the Herbfarm, the most famous restaurant in the Pacific Northwest. We bought the dinner at a school auction. You typically have to reserve a year in advance. […]

Back to the Grind

Back to the Grind Both L and J back to school today. A tough morning, everyone up and moving by 620 am. 6 weeks of grind until mid-winter break in february. That’s not so bad. We’re going to Arizona for […]


Webcam Another new toy I am playing with. You can check out the view from our back upstairs deck by clicking on the Webcam link at left. I only update this picture once a day at 10am currently. i am […]

The Outback Bowl

The Outback Bowl From my Dad, today’s guest blogger: “Whoa! What a second half and a fantastic fourth quarter! We were glued to our seats for the entire game!(after the first half—there were some who wanted to leave!) We prefer […]


Fitness One of the great things about our Outward Bound trip last year is that it forced me into a fitness regimen. I am a goal oriented person and I need some form of clear tangible goal to get me […]


Books The Economist’s book picks for the year. A pretty interesting list. I’ve ordered 4 or 5. As indicated in my book links, I am reading a great book on construction failure right now. Deep in my heart I’ve always […]

Portland Trip

Portland Trip We had a nice trip down to Portland. What a great city — feels much more old world than Seattle. Narrower streets, older buildings, just a lot more style. A great city for walking around. ANd you have […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having a great day. We are all well and enjoying the day together. This past weekend we went to see, among other things, a performance by The Bobs. What an amazing group. They did some […]


Pictures I am trying out some simple picture posting ideas. You’ll see on the left some links to photos. These are stored up on Shutterfly as we use that as a photo printing service. You can actually print photos from […]

College Thinking

College Thinking One constant theme of conversation in our house these days is college — in particular, where might L go. I have no idea where L will ultimately decide to go — I am enjoying learning about schools with […]

Gosh sorry for being gone so long

Gosh sorry for being gone so long This is a super busy season for us — Thanksgiving, then L’s birthday on 11/20, then C’s birthday on 12/5, then J’s birthday on 12/15. Of course, Christmas and New Year’s coming. Birthday […]

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