Recent Books — Waking Up White, Beyond the Pale, Light Years, Koryta, Murderbot

  • Waking Up White by Debby Irving.  A lot to process in this book.  I am probably just a few steps along the path to really understanding race in the US and my own role in the issues.  This is definitely worth reading and thinking about.
  • Beyond the Pale by Clare O’Donahue.  Pleasant little detective jaunt set mostly in Ireland.  An appealing couple of main characters.  The MacGuffin is a little forced, but the chase for it has some fun parts.
  • Light Years by James Salter.  A bit of a throwback, and oh so nicely written — very very smooth.  Makes the above modern texts seem clunky.
  • How It Happened by Michael Koryta.  Solid thriller set in coastal Maine — murders, drugs, tawdry secrets.  Engaging
  • Artificial Condition by Martha Wells.  Gosh this MurderBot series is fun.  I want a wisecracking sidekick murderous robot.