My 6 months of post-VC activity quiet on the blog. Super busy learning about modern software development. In no particular order, I’ve been playing with: webgl, three.js, node.js, shaders, opencv, 0mq, travis ci, ansible, raspberry pi, arduino,, docker, vagrant, coreos, objective-c, github, hadoop, ubuntu and debian and raspbian and fedora and centos and RHEL, and about 100 more things. Having a blast!

We are looking to hire a few people and if any of the mishmash above appeals, let me know…

6 thoughts to “My 6 months of post-VC activity”

  1. I am interested to check the opportunity. Can you please send me details once ?


  2. Thanks for quick response.
    Sorry John, I am from India. I am looking for some remote opportunities. If it’s possible we will talk over google+ or skype whichever is convenient for you.

  3. Ah. We aren’t quite ready to think about remote work. We need to make a little progress to create some structure that will support remote work. I will reach out when we get there. Thx much

  4. Sure John, ALL THE BEST for your future and we will meet sometime soon 🙂

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