Upgraded to Win8.1, now I have this touch turd stuck on my desktop

win8 This thing is stuck on my desktop, on the left side of the screen. No matter what I do, it won’t go away. Persists when I maximize and minimize windows, when I bring up the metro interface or any metro app. Not just a classic desktop phenomenon.

Oh and this is a machine without a touchscreen. I can’t follow its directions. Mousing over it, clicking on it doesn’t do anything. Ok well actually the arrow animates.

When I try to bring up a context menu on an icon near it, this tip overlay is on top of the context menu. It wants to be the boss, dammit!

I presume it will disappear on reboot.

2 thoughts to “Upgraded to Win8.1, now I have this touch turd stuck on my desktop”

  1. For some reason it thinks you have touch.

    You can make it go away by using the mouse; open the Desktop “app” and some other app, then put your mouse in the top left corner (you will see a preview of the other app) and then move the mouse down to invoke the app switcher UI.

    There’s a group policy to disable these things (called “help stickers.”)

    gpedit.msc | Local Computer Policy | Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Edge UI | Disable help tips | set the policy to “Enabled”

  2. thanks maurits that got rid of, i had heard the same thing thru a msft employee who contacted me. still not sure why it showed in first place tho i did have a secondary display with touch attached to this machine at one point months ago, i suspect win8 cached that fact and something fired based on that past config info.

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