I’m most interested in what SteveB is going to do next.

Steve_BallmerThere are going to be a kajillion articles written dissecting Steve’s legacy at Microsoft, and a kajillion articles speculating on who and what are next for Microsoft. All super interesting and entertaining, though I bet that the results will largely be invariant — Microsoft ends up being largely a highly profitable enterprise company, and some consumer assets get spun out to an uncertain future.

Personally though I am most interested in what Steve is going to do next. Bill Gates and Paul Allen have had outsized impacts on the local economy and culture post their Microsoft years. Steve is passionate, cares deeply, is good hearted. I can’t see him spending the next 30 years fishing or building model railroad setups. I am hopeful that he engages with the Seattle community and the Northwest in a positive way, and I’m interested to see how he applies his energy. This could be a very positive outcome for Seattle.

One thought to “I’m most interested in what SteveB is going to do next.”

  1. My bet would be that there is already a deal in the works for the Sonics. Being free of running the major tech business means he would be able to be more involved his sports passion and with civic needs. I just hope he is justly celebrated. I just love his “fire in the belly”.

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