What are you outraged about this weekend?

What’s disgusting you? Personally, I’m not upset with

  • The tech companies who may have delivered data to the government. When someone from the government shows up with a warrant, regardless of your feelings about the nature of the warrant, you pretty much have to comply. You assume the legal process is working correctly, and you comply. And if you see any reasonable flow of warrants, you do engineering work to make sure you can comply with warrants in the future, without compromising all your other users.
  • The NSA and other entities who went thru whatever legal processes exist to get various court orders. They are doing their job. And as one observer notes:

Christian Finnegan ‏@ChristFinnegan

I’m furious the gov’t is collecting my personal data! That stuff is only for Facebook! And Google! And any marketer willing to pay for it!

And I am pretty happy with

  • Snowden. Shining a light on these activities is good. A brave (and perhaps naive, but still brave) man. James Fallows‘ article seems sensible.
  • The press. Ditto. I am very glad we have a free press that digs and digs and digs.
  • The members of the Washington congressional delegation who have voted against FISA.

I am not so happy with the bulk of our elected representatives who have hollowed out the 4th amendment, who think that secret briefings of Congress is sufficient oversight, who think that the 3 branches of government can balance each other without transparency or any citizen oversight, and who now call the actions of Snowden “reprehensible”. The President right on through most of Congress are out of step with me and many Americans.

2 thoughts to “What are you outraged about this weekend?”

  1. While I agree that the NSA is only doing their job, but it seems like
    their internal security measures may have some serious holes in it, if
    someone like Snowden has access to pretty much everything…

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