Today’s reasons why I want to throw Win8 in the trash has written about forcing the stupid touchscreen down our throats, that annoys the heck out of me too. But maybe I can get used to it.

But moving beyond that, I just want to use a damn printer. There is nothing about printers on the home screen. When you type in “printers” it says it can’t find anything. Awesome. So I bring up the stupid f&*king charms (because menus and ribbons and taskbars weren’t good enough ways to start programs, let’s invent a whole new system, yay), choose Settings, choose “Change PC Settings”. Oh there is nothing called “printers” in this list either. OK click on devices and you can add a device, and then it tries and tries to search for devices. Meanwhile it is showing me a crappy list of devices I do have — great I have a “HL_DT_ST BD-RE WH08LS20” installed, that is good to know. Oh and I have devices called “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and “Send To OneNote 2013”. Where are those on my desk? Those are so much more important to me than my damn printer.

I know it isn’t cool and strategic to print anymore. But people still need to f&*king print. I eventually found a way to add a printer but don’t ask me where the hell I found it.

Oh and the arduino software won’t install on it, apparently the arduino board is not trusted. To install it, you have to boot into the secret system setup mode which you get to deep in the control panel, and choose to turn off driver signing enforcement. Except this super secret startup mode hangs on my brand new machine and I have to power cycle. That is great, you certainly don’t want the most active community of tinkerers using your operating system.

Oh and I am using with dual monitors — one plain old monitor and one touchscreen. DON’T DO THIS. It sounded like a great idea, keep the new interface off in one screen in its little ghetto, and run all my real apps on the other screen. Except the touch interface is horribly confused now — a touch on my touch screen moves the pointer on my non-touch screen.

Yes I am doing perhaps somewhat niche-y things but Windows used to be good at that, damn it. It would run on anything and let you do anything. Now it is just an OSX/iOS wannabe and not very good at that.

Not in a good mood.

One thought to “Today’s reasons why I want to throw Win8 in the trash”

  1. Ugh. My first post-install experience a few months back was trying to Skype. I upgraded to Win8 pretty much ‘cold’ – didn’t read any reviews, guides, etc. I installed the ‘Skype App’ and tried to login. I ended up down a path that required my Live ID and password. I didn’t have the pass handy (stored in KeePass). Suddenly Skype starts ringing!?

    Nothing like the pressure of missing a call (my wife’s parents are terribly hard to coordinate with) to really annoy me. I ultimately figured out that skype was also installed as an ‘application’ in the old interface and since I upgraded from a perfectly fine Win7 install, Skype was already there and set to autostart. 30 seconds of frantic clicking and right clicking later I found the skype application and answered the call.

    I still have no idea what would happen if I was logged into both at the same time?

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