Hey, Father’s Day is not that far away, if you need ideas for me…

Unfortunately I have more ideas than offspring…

* “pivoting power cord”:http://www.quirky.com/products/44-Pivot-Power-Flexible-Power-Strip. I’ve often wondered why powerstrips are so ugly. We all have them and they all suck.
* “quirky”:http://www.quirky.com/. Recommended by Blake, lots of cool stuff here.
* “Fireball Crosswords”:http://www.fireballcrossword.com/. Recommended by Bruce.
* “Snapguide”:http://snapguide.com/. Also recommended by Blake.
* I’m a sucker for “nice laptop skins”:http://society6.com/laptop-skins
* I would love to get into astrophotography with the new “Canon 60Da”:http://www.petapixel.com/2012/04/04/canon-60da-sample-star-photographs/
* I love the idea behind “Lost Crates”:https://lostcrates.com/?a=dm
* Prototyping bundles for Keynote and PPT from “Keynotopia”:http://keynotopia.com/themes/
* “Press to open Keyrings”:http://design-milk.com/freekey-press-to-open-key-ring/ — I’d buy today if available