Michigan still sucks, but sometimes a UM alum can stumble on the truth

“MGoBlog”:http://mgoblog.com/content/bcs-doubts-college-football-stadium-can-host-college-football-game rips apart the rationalization from BCS leaders about hosting of college football playoff games.

The proposal to host these games at schools was awesome and would have created some terrific games with terrific atmospheres, college football is all about atmosphere. Moving to neutral sites blows. The BCS really thinks that a school like UM in a smaller city can’t handle the logistics of a playoff game? Have they been to a Michigan football weekend with a major opponent like OSU or ND?

The BCS may have valid reasons to favor neutral sites (bowl sponsors plyIng them with $), but these are not those reasons.

Like prismatic, don’t get wavii

In the last two weeks I’ve tried to use some recent news aggregation services. A billion people have been sending me connection notices from “Wavii”:wavii.com, and I just don’t get it. My feed is stuffed full of friend notices and really random news items and stuff that is duplicative of my twitter stream. Nothing worth looking at.

“Prismatic”:getprismatic.com, on the other hand, has been a pleasant surprise, I get much meatier links, with a lot more relevance, and doesn’t duplicate my twitter stream. Is it better than techmeme or other aggregators, I don’t know, but I am getting value out of it.