“The Future of Software Development Will Be Online”:http://blog.calbucci.com/2012/02/future-of-software-development-will-be.html — very nice articulation from Marcelo on the need for a browser-based IDE.

Tho I think calling it “browser-based” kind of confuses the issue. Do I really want my IDE to be in a browser, or my spreadsheet or presentation package to be in a browser? I’m not really in love with my browser UI, but that is not the point. For me, the #1 feature I need for productivity apps these days is ubiquitous availability. I need to use them at work, at home, on the road, from my iPad, my phone, my Mac, my PC, wherever. I will give up a lot of features to get ubiquitous availability. And I get to move the backup burden to someone else — my machines all become stateless, I can replace them tomorrow and become instantly productive. This is all super goodness.

And from the comments, “cloud9”:http://c9.io/ looks like the cloud IDE to try — looks awesome.