Bit by Belkin yet again

I was in a hurry today and needed a wireless router fast. BestBuy is all that is near and of course their shelves are stuffed with Belkin gear. My hat is off to Belkin marketing and business development, they own the shelves.

But their product sucks. The N600DB router can’t seem to see the Internet, even tho I can confirm the inbound connection is fine. The configuration app is utter garbage, doubling every character I type in as if my keyboard needs to be debounced. There is no more current app on the Belkin website. Going directly to the router web page does work, but after several simple configuration changes (notably turning the dhcp server off) the router becomes unresponsive. The Belkin phone number is plastered all over the box and software but I certainly don’t want to listen to some clown tell me to reboot my router 4-5 times.

This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been coerced into buying Belkin due to their distribution dominance and it never ends well. Shame on me.